The Graffagninos of Salaparuta

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Last updated 28.May.2008 22:00 ET

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Contributing Family Members
Joseph A. Graffagnino - Port Neches,TX
Mary Catherine Quebedeaux-Marioneaux - Port Neches,TX
Jason Joseph Graffagnino -Alvarado,TX
Josie Graffagnino - Houston, TX
Valerie Renée Chatelain-LaCroix - Port Neches,TX
Jude Graffagnino - Patterson, LA
Trisha Major - Houston, TX
John Lyman Bernard Jr. - Houston,TX
Stephen Graffagnino - Nederland,TX
249 Current Family Member Count


Sharon Wainwright Graffagnino of Port Neches,TX, has forwarded a wealth of new info collected by her brother-in-law, Stephen Graffagnino of Nederland,TX [see below]


My name is John Lyman Bernard, Jr. I am listed in the genealogy. I’d like to offer you some additional updates to add to your tree. I was married in 2000 to a lovely lady named Rebecca Suzanne Gifford. She had a child from her first marriage whom I claim as my son. His name is Caden Josiah Williams (born 2-5-91). Also, Rebecca and I have a child together named Dylan James Bernard (born 11-16-2001). My brother, James Michael Bernard died on June 8th, 1998. [see below]


From Trisha Major in Houston: Hi Bob! I am sending you all the information that I have gathered so far on this line of descendants. I am still working on tracking down more specific information. Also, in generation 2 on this chart, Francesca Graffagnino married a Giuseppe Piazza, his mother's name was Antonina Graffagnino married to a Martino Piazza. I am having problems finding out info on her. If you know anything about this I'd appreciate the help. I'm still trying to find out what I can. [see below]


From Jason Graffagnino: Hello Bob, I tried to leave this info in the guestbook area when my son was born 2 years ago, but I noticed it never made it to the family tree. I'm in Family F, married to Morgan Wilson Graffagnino, and we have a 5 year old daughter Gideon. We also have a son. Here are the particulars: Grey Jason Graffagnino Born: 9-27-2001, in Fort Worth,TX Resides: Alvarado,TX Please update our tree when you get a chance. Thanks! [see below]


Another new contact from Family F, Jude Graffagnino, has checked in at the Guest Book. Jude is the grandson of Antonino (Tony) Graffagnino of Patterson,LA, and son of Samuel Ray. [see below]


A new contact, Valerie Chatelain-LaCroix, has checked in at the Guest Book, and has subsequently sent us some corrections to her family info. The corrections have been put in place, and Valerie is now officially recognized as a Family F contributor. [see below]

Nav  Family F date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 8 children 23.Aug.1821 17.May.1905
  6m Nicolina Garacci (19.Feb.1843) c.1821  
  6mVincenza Tusa (21.Nov.1869) c.1849  
allparent 7Caterina Graffagnino 1 child 4.May.1843  
  7mGiuseppe Mandina (16.Mar.1862) c.1843  
allparent 8Gaetano Mandina 6.Oct.1863 USA
  8mVita Oliveri c.1863  
allparent 7Rosa Graffagnino 1 child 5.Oct.1849  
  7mAntonino DiMaria c.1849  
allparent 8Gaetano DiMaria 1 child c.1870  
  8mGiuspino DiGiovanni c.1870  
allparent 9Cristina Poggio (Rosa) DiGiovanni 15.Sep.1893  
  9mPietro Constantino [see below] 16.Aug.1891  
allparent 7Carmelo Graffagnino 4 children 4.Jan.1854  
  7mGiuseppa LaRocca (1879) c.1854  
allparent 8Baldassare "Frank" Graffagnino 8 children 23.May.1881 Salaparuta, Sicily 4.Jun.1962 Opelousas,LA
  8mRose Marie Graffagnino (28.Jan.1906) 5.Apr.1885 Salaparuta, Sicily 4.Mar.1966 Opelousas,LA
allparent 9Camillo "Pete" Graffagnino 30.Oct.1906 23.Jun.1989
  9mHelen Baldridge 28.Aug.1910 19.Sep.1983
allparent 9Vincent Graffagnino 19.May.1908 29.Dec.1965
  9mDaisy Gil c.1908  
allparent 9Charlie T. Graffagnino 10.May.1910 31.Jan.1957
allparent 9Joseph Louis Graffagnino 1 child 7.Oct.1912 Opelousas,LA 19.Nov.1997 Houma,LA
  9mAlice Folks 10.Mar.1914 Opelousas,LA Jan.1988 Houma,LA
allparent 9Anthony Graffagnino 11.Nov.1914 23.Apr.1994
  9mRegina Fisette c.1914  
allparent 9Josephine Graffagnino 2.Mar.1917  
  9mManuel "Burch" Persica c.1917  
allparent 9Rosalie Graffagnino 12.Jul.1919  
  9mFrank B. Pepitone, Jr. 23.Aug.1914 14.Jul.1992
allparent 9Frank Graffagnino, Jr. 20.Oct.1925  
  9mViolia Reed c.1925  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 6.Jul.1883 15.Jul.1966
  8mRosina Biondillion 11.Jul.1885 15.Jun.1966
allparent 8Gioacchino "Charlie" Graffagnino c.1884  
  8mDomenica Allegro (26.Dec.1903) c.1884  
allparent 8Nicolina Graffagnino 8.Mar.1886  
allparent 7Antonino Graffagnino 7 children 1857 24.Dec.1921
  7mFrancesca Lombardo 1857 21.May.1934 Port Arthur,TX 
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino 9 children 20.Jan.1881 Salaparuta, Sicily 28.Apr.1951 Port Arthur,TX
  8mRosa Roccaforte 2.Nov.1884 Salaparuta, Sicily 5.Feb.1957
allparent 9Frances Graffagnino 1 child 16.Nov.1904 26.Apr.1979
  9mWilliam Manovich c.1904  
allparent 9Anthony A. Graffagnino 3 children 3.Aug.1906 15.Jan.1981
  9mAngeline Nicotre c.1906  
allparent 9Frank Graffagnino 2 children 24.Jan.1909 16.Apr.1973
  9mLena Jo Drago 10.Jun.1915 23.Jul.1998
allparent 9Rose Marie Graffagnino 1 child 27.Sep.1912 9.Dec.1979
  9mLouis Joseph Bertoloni (1934) 18.Jul.1912 Port Arthur,TX 2.Jun.1980
allparent 9Peter Graffagnino 2 children 10.Feb.1915 14.Feb.1970
  9mGladys Wagner c.1915  
allparent 9Buster Percy Graffagnino 2 children c.1920 1982
  9mElouise Duplissey c.1920  
allparent 9Lily Graffagnino 1 child 14.Jun.1921 18.Mar.1972
  9mHulin L. Trahan 8.Apr.1921 9.Oct.1976
allparent 9Steve Graffagnino 3 children 13.Dec.1923 7.May.1983
  9mRose Lipari c.1923  
allparent 9Pauline Graffagnino 1 child 29.Jul.1926 res: Port Arthur,TX
  9mJohn A. Brown, Sr. 1924  
allparent 8Nicolina Graffagnino 26.May.1883 Salaparuta, Sicily 28.Mar.1966
  8mAntonino Roccaforte 29.Jan.1876 16.Mar.1968
allparent 8Carmelo Graffagnino 3.Mar.1885 Salaparuta, Sicily 15.Sep.1972
allparent 8Stefano Graffagnino 3 children 11.Nov.1888 Salaparuta,Sicily 16.Sep.1939 Port Arthur,TX
  8mGioacchina Nicotre 14.Sep.1887 15.Jul.1963 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Antonino "Tony" Graffagnino 4 children 14.Sep.1912 Patterson,LA 30.Jun.1997 Port Arthur,TX
  9mLucia "Lucille" Dolce 8.Jul.1917 Ratcliff,TX 6.Mar.1998 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Giovanni "John" Batista Graffagnino 12.Sep.1914 Beaumont,TX 23.Aug.1967
allparent 9Francesca Graffagnino c.1915  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino c.1893 Patterson,LA c.1893 Patterson,LA
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 11 children 1894 Patterson,LA 17.Apr.1952 Galveston,TX
  8mPhilipine "Josephine" Todora 31.May.1906 res: Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Anthony Graffagnino c.1918 c.1995
allparent 9Frank Graffagnino c.1919 c.1995
allparent 9Joseph Graffagnino c.1920 c.1995
allparent 9Steve Graffagnino c.1921 c.1985
allparent 9Mary Graffagnino c.1922 c.1975
allparent 9Frances Graffagnino c.1923 c.1995
allparent 9Annie Graffagnino c.1924 c.1955
allparent 9Lily Graffagnino c.1925 res: Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Peter Graffagnino c.1926 res: Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Camilla Graffagnino c.1927 res: Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Rose Graffagnino c.1928 res: Nederland,TX
allparent 9Josie Graffagnino c.1929 res: Houston,TX
allparent 8Francesca Graffagnino 1.Oct.1898 Patterson,LA 17.Apr.1952 Port Arthur,TX
  8mGiuseppe (Joe) Piazza (19.Jun.1914) 4.Jul.1889 Castellamare del Golfo IT 8.Jun.1959 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Martin Piazza 25.Jun.1915 Patterson,LA 16.Apr.1994 Port Arthur,TX
  9mRosalie Graffagnino (25.Jul.1936) 1.Dec.1913 1.Apr.1952 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Antonina Piazza 1.Nov.1916 Patterson,LA
allparent 9Anthony (Tony) Piazza 12.May.1918 Port Arthur,TX 1.Jul.1992 Lake Charles,LA
allparent 9Carlegro (Carlo) Piazza 4.May.1920 Port Arthur,TX 8.Mar.1997 Port Arthur TX
allparent 9Antoinette (Lena) Piazza 10.Apr.1922 Port Arthur,TX 9.Mar.1985 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Jack Piazza 26.Oct.1923 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Frances Ann Piazza 19.Jan.1925 Port Arthur,TX 19.Sep.1990 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Camille Joseph Piazza 11.Jan.1927 Port Arthur,TX
allparent 9Lillie Mae Piazza 27.Nov.1929 Port Arthur,TX  
  9mJames Robert Barton (30.Mar.1946)/div 12.Sep.1926 Kansas City, MO  
allparent 7Pietro Graffagnino c.1859  
allparent 7Maria-Grazia Graffagnino 17.Aug.1860 15.Sep.1972
allparent 7Calogera Graffagnino 6.Oct.1870 21.Sep.1871
allparent 7Calogera Graffagnino 3 children 21.Jan.1872 22.Feb.1943
  7mMichelangelo Constantino c.1870  
allparent 8Pietro Constantino 16.Aug.1891  
  8mCristina Poggio (Rosa) DiGiovanni [see above] 15.Sep.1893  
allparent 8Gioacchino Constantino 27.Jan.1898  
allparent 8Giuseppe Constantino 24.Nov.1899 5.Jun.1956
Nav Family F date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence

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