The Graffagninos of Salaparuta

Family A

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Family A
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Family A

[see family tree] is comprised of the first six of the twelve currently known generations of descendants of Don Alerio Graffagnino, who was born in Salaparuta, Sicily, in 1655.  Almost all of this genealogical information comes from church records in Salaparuta, being maintained by Father Baldassare Graffagnino.

Six generations of Graffagninos takes us into the nineteenth century, a time when many family members emigrated to foreign soil.  One of the purposes of this web site is to identify as many of these emigrating families as possible, and to bring together and to reconnect the geographically separated family members.

Because of the large number of family members which have been identified thus far - now more than 1300, with more being added daily - I have chosen to organize and to group individuals into a two-tiered tree structure, with "Family A" being the top tier, containing the first six generations of descendants, followed by a second tier consisting of various "sub-Families", made up of whatever descendants of Generation Six can be identified and documented.  These individuals will be linked to a separate web page containing all of the known descendants of that individual.

See Hints and Navigational Tips for more detailed information about the structure of the web site, how to find specific individuals, and how to navigate through the growing volume of data.

Family B

(see family tree) is headed by Gioacchino Graffagnino, born in 1820, and his wife Maria Avvocato.   Joseph G. Graffagnino of Old Bridge, NJ, Jack Graffagnino, of Lynnbrook, NY, and Anne Puleo Hoops, of Flushing, NY, are our current contacts for this family.  Their grandparents, Gioacchino Graffagnino and Teresa Gruppuso, first came to the U.S. in 1890.  When their children all died, Gioacchino and Teresa returned to Salaparuta, started a new family, then came back to the U.S. in 1908, settling in the Long Island, New York area.

Father Baldassare Graffagnino is himself a member of Family B.  His grandparents were Giuseppe Graffagnino and Antonia Gruppuso - brother and (more than likely) sister to Gioacchino Graffagnino and Teresa Gruppuso.  This means that Father Baldassare Graffagnino is a second cousin to Joe and his sister and two older brothers on both sides of the family.

Family C

(see family tree) is headed by Pietro Graffagnino born in 1837, and his wife, Rosa DiSimone.  Information about current members of this family has been provided by Joseph A. Graffagnino of Brooklyn, New York.  Pietro was born in Salaparuta and died there in 1934.  Those of his children who came to the U.S. also settled in the Long Island, New York area. Recently added contributors to Family C include Lee Fiducia Hartmann of St. Augustine, FL, Anthony M. Santare of Alemeda, CA, Pauline Bail of Chicopee, MA, and Pauline's sister Stephaine Gallagher of New Windsor, NY.

Family D

[see family tree) This is one of our "newer" families, another Long Island branch, whose connection to the rest of the family has recently been identified. Peter Graffagnino, an elementary school principal in Lynbrook, NY, found this web site on the Internet, and has sent us the information shown on this family chart.

Peter has finally provided us with some reliable information regarding our most "famous" cousin, Tony Graffanino, a major leaue baseball player now with the Boston Red Sox. Peter is Tony's first cousin (once removed).

Peter says his grandfather, Stefano, and great-grandfather, Carmelo, came to the U. S. from Palermo about 1860.  Information since received from Father Graffagnino in Salaparuta has identified Peter's great-great grandfather as a member of Family A, generation 6: Stefano G and Maria Garacci.  This does now make it official - if you can find your name on any family chart, you are a real live cousin of Tony G!

As for Tony, we may have to forgive him for removing the "g" from his last name a couple of years ago. We hear it was to avoid nagging problems with unenlightened reporters and stadium announcers!  (If you act fast, you can still get copies of his minor league baseball cards which still contain the "g"!)

Family E

[see family tree] is one of our more exciting finds, sent to us by Eric Graffagnino, who found us while surfing the internet.  Eric is currently working in Montreal, but his home and family are in France, mostly around Paris. After hearing about this French connection, my uncle, Dr. Paul Ned Graffagnino, sent me a copy of a letter which had been sent to his son, Paul, in San Francisco several years ago by François Graffagnino in Paris.

It turns out that Paul and François' son had met quite by chance in an art gallery in San Francisco several years ago at a showing of art works by Tom Graffagnino (my very own brother)!  The two exchanged addresses, and, soon thereafter, Paul received a letter from Paris.  The letter documented several generations of French Graffagninos.  We have since located this family line in our charts from Salaparuta.

The letter from François indicated that his father, Erasmé, was the younger brother of Dr. Peter Graffagnino in New Orleans, Paul's grandfather (and mine also). François named Paul's dad, Paul Ned, and my dad, Peter Carl, as his first cousins. This is not, in fact, the case.  François' father, Erasmé, was born in 1881, the same year that his own father, Antoine, died.  My grandfather, Dr. Peter Graffagnino, was not born until five years later.  The two were, however, fourth cousins, according to our current charts (see below).

Family F

[see family tree] has been sent to us by Joseph A. Graffagnino of Port Neches, Texas.  Joe is descended from Gioacchino Graffagnino (b. Salaparuta, 1817) and his wife Nicolina Garacci. Joe's great grandparents, Antonino Graffagnino and his wife, Francesca Lombardo, came to the U.S. through New Orleans in 1892 with their three sons and a daughter, and settled in Patterson, LA.  Gioacchino, the oldest son and Joe's grandfather, later met and married Rosa Roccaforte in about 1912.  The Roccaforte family had also come from Salaparuta through Ellis Island and Wisconsin several years earlier before ending up in Louisiana.  Gioacchino and Rosa eventually moved to Port Arthur, Texas, in 1914, and raised nine children. Their seventh child, Steve, was Joe's father.  For a more complete version of this family saga, see Note 6.

Family G

[see family tree] This family is our official GRAFFAGNINI family connection. Our original contribution was sent to us by Angie Radosti-Orellana of Metairie, LA, who is descended from a line of Graffagninos who resided in Contessa Entellina, a neighboring village only a few miles from Salaparuta.  This branch of the family, as we have only recently learned, adopted the alternate spelling of the family name, Graffagnini.

Angie's great grandmother was Vincenza Anna Graffagnini, wife of Pasquale Radosti, and the 10th child of Gioacchino Graffagnini and his second wife, Antonina Caruso.  Gioacchino, with the help of his first wife, Margherita Reres (or Perez), and second wife Antonia produced a family record 19 children.  We welcome Angie to the party, and thank her for sharing her information.

The second contibution to Family G comes to us from a cousin in Rome, Massimiliano Lorenzetti, who first informed us that the entire Contessa Entellina family began spelling the name as "Graffagnini" shortly after migrating from Salaparuta back in the nineteenth century.  Father Graffagnino has confirmed that he posses documents from this branch of the family where the name was actually entered as "Graffagnini(o)". Massimiliano is Angie's third cousin, as his great grandfather, Nicolò, and Angie's great grandnother, Vincenza Anna, were brother and sister.

Family H

[see family tree] includes my co-conspirator in this genealogical adventure, Joel P. Graffagnino of Kenner, LA.  Joel is descended from Family H head, Antonino Graffagnino (b. Salaparuta 1818) and wife, Maria Cangelosi, who were his great grandparents.  Joel's grandfather, Simone Graffagnino, after marrying his fourth cousin and my grandfather's older sister, Francesca Graffagnino [see Family I], came to the U.S. in 1888 (approx.) with his father-in-law, Pietro Graffagnino [see chart below], to earn money for one of the following reasons (select family story of your choice): A) to repay the church in Salaparuta for a cracked church bell; B) to pay for a silver halo for the church's statue of St. Giuseppe, C) to earn money to bring the rest of the family to the U.S.; or D) all of the above.  The effort, whichever it was, was ultimately successful, and in 1892 a large contingent of family members boarded the ship in Palermo and headed for New Orleans to join Pietro and Simone.

Family I

[see family tree] is the one to which I belong (Robert D. Graffagnino of Columbus, OH, website designer, content editor, and maintenance person).  My branch of the family is descended from Pietro Graffagnino, who was my great-grandfather [see Family I].  My grandfather was Francesca's youngest brother, Peter, who sailed to New Orleans at age six with his mother, Angelina Tusa, and various brothers, sisters, and cousins.  Peter later became a prominent New Orleans physician, head of the Department of Gynecology at the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, and thoroughbred race horse owner.

Family J

[see family tree] This family is our second GRAFFAGNINI family connection. Family information was sent to us by Van Donovan of Riverside, CA. Like Family G, this family is descended from the same family of Graffagninis who resided in Contessa Entellina, a neighboring village only a few miles from Salaparuta. Most members of this family sailed from Palermo to New Orleans in the 1890's.

Family K

[see family tree] has been sent to us by Vito Graffagnino, who lives in Bristol, England, and whose family is scattered from Santa Margherita de Belice, which is just a few miles from Salaparuta, to Concord, CA.

Family L

[see family tree] Information coming in from members of the Lipari/Lapare family, descended from Felicia Graffagnino and Giuseppe Lipari. Felicia was the sister of the three brothers who head up Families C, D, and F. This information comes to us from Megan Lapari of Baton Rouge, LA, and her cousin, Lucien Lipari, of Opelousas, LA.

Family M

[see family tree] Our most recent addition to the Family Tree, this information comes to us from members of the Mangogna/Rose family, who are descended from Caterina Graffagnino and Pietro Mangogna. Caterina was the oldest daughter of Antonino Graffagnino and Francesca Sancetta. The story of Caterina's family, whose mother died when Caterina was a young girl, is told in the family notes by Father Graffagnino [see Note 5]. Caterina's younger half-brother, Gioacchino, born after her father re-married, is the head of Family E, which eventually emigrated to France. The family information comes to us from Elana Rose of Chicago, IL.

Family X

[see family tree] has been compiled from the records of Father Baldassare Graffagnino and consists of all individuals descended from generation 6 (in Family A) for whom we as yet have no present day information. If and when any individual contacts us and claims to be descended from a family member shown in Family X, a new family will be added to the charts (as soon as new genealogical data is sent in).

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Nav Family A date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence
all "Papa" Graffagnino children [Family A] [see Note 6] 1620 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 1Don Alerio Graffagnino 1 child 1655 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  1mGiovanna Rinado c.1664  
allparent 2Magistrò Pietro Graffagnino 1 child 1685 Salaparuta, Sicily 17.May.1740
  2mLaura Cavallaro c.1685  
allparent 3Alerio Graffagnino c.1710 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Giovanna Graffagnino 12.Mar.1712 Salaparuta, Sicily   
allparent 3Giuseppe Graffagnino 20.Feb.1714 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Giuseppa Graffagnino 20.May.1715 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Antonino Graffagnino 8 children 24.Apr.1715/16 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  3mAnna Perna c.1716 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Pietro Antonio Graffagnino 29.Jan.1743 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Laura Graffagnino 30.Jul.1744 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Pietro Andrea Graffagnino 22.Feb.1746 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Pietro Giuseppe Graffagnino 15.Mar.1752 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Gioacchino Corrado Graffagnino 1 child 15.May.1755 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Dec.1846 Contessa Entellina
  4mVincenza Navarra c.1755  
allparent 5Vincenzo Graffagnino 9 children 16.Sep.1785 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Dec.1846 Contessa Entellina
  5mRosalia Castrogiovanni (c.1817) c.1785 Contessa Entellina, Sicily a.1869
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnini 19 children [Family G] 7.Aug.1817 Contessa Entellina 14.Mar.1894
  di Nicolo Reres e Domenica MusacchiaMargherita Reres (21.Jan.1838 Contessa Entellina) 30.Sep.1816 Contessa Entellina 22.Jun.1857 Contessa Entellina
  di Nicolo Bernardo Caruso e Maria LoCiceroAntonina Caruso (7.Nov.1857 Contessa Entellina) 9.Apr.1841 Contessa Entellina a.1894
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnini 6.Apr.1820 Contessa Entellina 1820
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnini 1 child 12.Aug.1821 Contessa Entellina  
  di Castrenze Tamborello e Maria FerraraMargherita Tamborello (23.Jan.1853 Contessa Entellina) 30.Aug.1815 c.1870
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnini 3 children 6.Mar.1823 Contessa Entellina  
  di Fanscesco Falsetto e Felicia MontellaBruno Falsetto (4.Oct.1855 Contessa Entellina) 20.Jun.1826 Grimaldi, Italy a.1886
allparent 6Giuseppe Graffagnini 19.May.1824 Contessa Entellina c.1824
allparent 6Giuseppe Graffagnini 7 children [Family J] 16.Nov.1828 Contessa Entellina  
  di Natale Sciambra e Giovanna AleoGiacoma Sciambra (2.Jun.1850 Contessa Entellina) 25.Oct.1830 Bisacquino, Sicily a.1887
allparent 6Francesca Graffagnini 7.Jan.1821 Contessa Entellina  
  di Nicolo Antonino Billeri e Antonina TauroGiuseppi Billeri (29 Oct.1859 Contessa Entellina) 9.Jan.1831 Montevago, Sicily  
allparent 6Carmelo Graffagnini 25.Mar.1833 Contessa Entellina 1833
allparent 6Carmelo Graffagnini 10.Nov.1834 Contessa Entellina 1834
allparent 4Laura Rosa Graffagnino 24.Jun.1757 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 4Gioacchino Giocamo Graffagnino 11 children 22.Mar.1759 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  4mCaterina Culmone (2.Mar.1783) 1761 Salaparuta, Sicily 1.Aug.1819 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 5Antonino Graffagnino 5 children 17.Oct.1783 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Apr.1820
  5mFrancesca Sancetta (4.Nov.1808) c.1788 1812
  5mCaterina Garacci (13.Sep.1812) [see Note 5] 18.Sep.1792  
allparent 6Caterina Maria Graffagnino 4 children [Family M] 24.May.1809 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  6mPietro Mangogna c.1809  
allparent 6Maria Graffagnino 22.Jan.1814 28.Dec.1820
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 6 children [Family E] 8.Aug.1815 30.Jul.1867
  6mMaria Avvocato (1.Nov.1836) c.1816  
allparent 6Vincenzo Graffagnino 21.Jun.1817 at birth
allparent 6Vincenzo Graffagnino 5.May.1819  
allparent 5Vincenzo Graffagnino 16.Sep.1785 Salaparuta, Sicily 18.Nov.1845
allparent 5Pietro Graffagnino 7 children 22.Nov.1787 Salaparuta, Sicily 12.Feb.1861
  5mCalogera Aloe (11.Feb.1811) c.1787  
  5mRosaria Campisi (5.Jul.1832) c.1787  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 29.Nov.1811 Salaparuta, Sicily 29.Nov.1811 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 12.Nov.1813 Salaparuta, Sicily 12.Nov.1813 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 4 children 11.Aug.1815 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  6mAntonia Pizzolato (c.1845) c.1815  
  6mFrancesca Rizzuto (25.Jun.1862) c.1844  
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 8 children 22.Dec.1817 Salaparuta, Sicily 7.Dec.1900
  6mGiuseppe LaBella (30.Aug.1838) c.1817  
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 3 children [Family K] c.1818 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  6mAnna Maria Stabile (14.Jan.1855) c.1818  
allparent 6Diego Graffagnino 2 children 7.Jan.1820 Salaparuta, Sicily 7.May.1846
  6mAnna Maria LaBella (23.Jun.1844) c.1820  
allparent 6Vita Graffagnino 2 children 1.Jul.1822 Salaparuta, Sicily 19.Feb.1906
  6mSebastiano Gianfala (21.Mar.1861) c.1822  
allparent 5Giuseppe Graffagnino 1789 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 5Giuseppe Graffagnino 7 children 28.Mar.1790 Salaparuta, Sicily 12.Oct.1862
  5mDomenica Riscica (21.Nov.1810) c.1790  
  5mCalogera Aldoino (15.Mar.1846) c.1790  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 1.Aug.1811 8.Oct.1848
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 5.May.1814 26.Jun.1814
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 2.Aug.1815 26.Feb.1882
allparent 6Filippo Graffagnino 11.Mar.1818 24.Jul.1894
  6mLucia Mandina (12.Oct.1845) c.1818  
  6mVincenza Candela (25.Jun.1881) c.1818  
allparent 6Francesco Graffagnino 1821 23.May.1823
allparent 6Anna Graffagnino 1825 29.Sep.1835
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 3 children 28.Jun.1830 1912
  6mGiuseppa Scamardi (12.Oct.1856) c.1830  
allparent 5Francesco Graffagnino 7 children 18.Oct.1792 Salaparuta, Sicily 11.Sep.1867
  5mLeonarda Bilà (18.Oct.1812) c.1795  
  5mRosa DiMaria (1.Feb.1861) c.1815  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 3 children 17.Sep.1813 Salaparuta, Sicily 12.Oct.1847
  6mAntonina Pisciotta (31.Jan.1841) c.1813  
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 10 children [Family H] 29.Sep.1818 Salaparuta, Sicily 2.Nov.1897
  6mMaria Cascioli (c.1840) c.1818  
  6mMaria Cangelosi (26.Feb.1843) 1.Jul.1824  
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 11 children 18.Jan.1819 Salaparuta, Sicily 18.Jan.1879
  6mBaldassare Lupo (29.Jan.1837) c.1819  
allparent 6Vincenzo Graffagnino 8.Sep.1821 Salaparuta, Sicily 11.May.1849 Gibellina
  6mAntonina Garacci (13.Apr.1849) c.1821  
allparent 6Nicolina Graffagnino c.1822 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 6Anna Graffagnino 5 children c.1823 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  6mMatteo Lombardo (27.May.1852) c.1823  
allparent 6Felicita Graffagnino 24.May.1835 Salaparuta, Sicily 16.Mar.1905
  6mBiagio DiBenedetto (13.May.1868) c.1835  
  6mGiovanni Milazzo (19.Jul.1902) c.1835  
allparent 5Maria Concetta Graffagnino 1794 Salaparuta, Sicily 3.Oct.1808
allparent 5Carmelo Graffagnino 16 children 22.Dec.1796 Salaparuta, Sicily 19.Aug.1865
  5mCaterina Corte (19.Apr.1818) c.1798  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino c.1819  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino c.1820  
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino c.1820  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 8 children [Family F] 23.Aug.1821 17.May.1905
  6mNicolina Garacci (19.Feb.1843) c.1821  
  6mVincenza Tusa (21.Nov.1869) c.1849  
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 1 child c.1822  
  6mIsidoro Garacci (22.Oct.1848) c.1822  
allparent 6Stefano Graffagnino 3 children [Family D] 25.Aug.1824  
  6mMaria Garacci (9.Apr.1849) c.1824  
allparent 6Rosa Graffagnino c.1825  
allparent 6Rosa Graffagnino 1 child 1827  
  6mGiacomo Rizzuto (22.Jan.1854) 1827  
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino c.1828  
allparent 6Antonina Graffagnino c.1829  
allparent 6Felicia Graffagnino 4 children [Family L] 19.Sep.1831  
  6mGiuseppe Francesco Lipari (3.Mar.1862) c.1831  
allparent 6Vincenzo Graffagnino c.1832  
allparent 6Vincenzo Graffagnino 8 children 17.Sep.1835  
  6mRosalia Palermo (24.Sep.1867) c.1835  
allparent 6Pietro Graffagnino 9 children [Family C] [see Note 1] 20.Jan.1837 Salaparuta, Sicily 8.Dec.1934 Salaparuta, Sicily
  6mGiuseppa Ferro c.1837  
  6mRosa DiSimone c.1854  
allparent 6Giuseppe Graffagnino 5 children 1839 12.Oct.1883
  6mCaterina Garacci (5.Oct.1862) c.1839  
allparent 6Carmelo Graffagnino 1840  
allparent 5Rosario Graffagnino 2 children 18.Dec.1798 Salaparuta, Sicily 28.Apr.1858
  5mAntonia Garacci (8.May.1817) c.1798  
allparent 6Caterina Graffagnino 26.Feb.1818 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 9 children [Family B] 7.Oct.1820 Salaparuta, Sicily 6.Dec.1874
  6mMaria Capo (27.Apr.1843) 1818 19.Mar.1853
  6mGiovanna Sancetta (28.Nov.1853) c.1832  
allparent 5Anna Graffagnino 26.Jan.1801 Salaparuta, Sicily 29.Dec.1839
  5mGiuseppe Nastasi (3.Sep.1818) c.1801  
allparent 6Giuseppe Nastasi c.1840 Salaparuta 8.Mar.1938 Bogalusa, LA USA
  6mAntoinette Calamia c.1840 30.Sep.1934 USA
allparent 5Caterina Graffagnino c.1802  
allparent 4Giuseppe Maria Graffagnino 2.Jan.1761 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Giuseppa Graffagnino 14.Sep.1719 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Nunzia Graffagnino 25.Mar.1722 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Domenico Graffagnino 1 child 19.Nov.1724 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  3mGiuseppa Buscaglia (27.Oct.1844) c.1724  
allparent 4Pietro Graffagnino 7 children 1.Apr.1754 Salaparuta, Sicily 1.Apr.1814
  4mVincenza Mangoglia (12.Aug.1783) c.1754  
  4mGiuseppa Maltese (24.Jan.1796) c.1775  
allparent 5Domenico Graffagnino 5 children 1.Jan.1798 Salaparuta, Sicily 19.Aug.1865
  5mAntonina Fontana (6.Jan.1820) c.1798  
  5mGiuseppa Parisi (13.Oct.1822) c.1798  
allparent 6Giuseppa Graffagnino 20.Nov.1823 9.Jan.1896
  6mGiuseppe Soalia c.1823  
allparent 6Pietro Graffagnino 10.Jan.1827 10.Jan.1827
allparent 6Pietro Graffagnino 1834 22.Mar.1835
allparent 6 Pietro Graffagnino 10 children [Family I] 8.Jun.1837 Salaparuta, Sicily 8.Aug.1903
  6mAngelina Tusa 25.Oct.1844 Salaparuta, Sicily 17.Dec.1928
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 12.Mar.1841 1.Apr.1842
allparent 5Giuseppa Graffagnino 1 child 27.Sep.1799 10.Feb.1868
  5mVito Scaturro (22.Mar.1822) c.1799  
allparent 6Margherita Scaturro 28.Mar.1827 25.Mar.1907
allparent 5Cataldo Graffagnino 22.Jul.1801  
allparent 5Cira Graffagnino 1 child 5.Jun.1804 2.Jul.1865
  5mFrancesco Crocchiolo (16.Dec.1828) c.1804  
allparent 6Francesco Crochiolo 16.Jan.1837  
  6mAnna Maria Mazara (19.Feb.1860 c.1837  
allparent 5Giuseppe Graffagnino 21.Aug.1809 24.Aug.1809
allparent 5Pietro Graffagnino 19.May.1811  
allparent 5Nunzia Graffagnino 10.Oct.1813 13.Sep.1835
allparent 5Caterina Graffagnino 3 children 26.Mar.1815  
  5mVincenzo DiPietra (2.Jan.1836) c.1815  
allparent 6Vincenza DiPietra 13.Jan.1841  
allparent 6Giuseppa DiPietra c.1850  
allparent 6Pietro DiPietra 16.Jun.1851  
allparent 3Aulina Graffagnino 8.Jan.1727 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 3Anna Graffagnino 8.Jan.1728 Salaparuta, Sicily  
Nav Family A date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence

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