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This web page contains the names of all NON-GRAFFAGNINO spouses listed in the various Family Charts.

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Abruzzo, Giovanni [Family K], born 1935(ca.)
Abruzzo, Leonardo [Family K], born 1937(ca.)
Abruzzo, Matteo [Family H], born 12.Apr.1879 Santa Margarita, Sicily; died 6.Jan.1961 Brooklyn, NY
Accardi, Giuseppe [Family X], born 1864(ca.)
Acosta, Nancy Marie [Family I], born 23.Jan.1949, New Orleans, LA
Alcure, George [Family H], born 23.Jan.1908, Brooklyn, NY; died 4.Sep.1976 ,Port Washington, NY
Aldoino, Calogera [Family A], born 1790(ca.)
Allaine, Lurline [Family H], born 1907(ca.)
Allegro, Domenica [Family F], born 1884(ca.)
Almeras, Daniele[Family E], born 1967, Cognac, France, res: France
Aloe, Calogera [Family A], born 1787(ca.)
Amaker, Alice Amber [Family L], born 29.Aug.1962
Ancona, Anthony [Family I], born 1895(ca.)
Angeline, Michelle [Family I], born 12.Dec.1976
Angileri, Vita [Family X], born 1861(ca.)
Arata, Blake George [Family H], born 15.Aug.1931, Res: New Orleans, LA
Arceri, Giuseppe [Family X], born 1900(ca.)
Arnaud, Cecil [Family F], born 1928(ca.)
Asto, Joanne [Family B], born 13.Jun.1956 Glendale, NY, Res: Shirley, NY
Aucoin, Mark Brent [Family L], born 11.Nov.1961
Avett, Margaret Ann [Family H], born 22.Dec.1949 New Orleans, LA; res Kenner, LA
Avvocato, Maria [Family E], born 1816(ca.)
Avvocato, Giuseppe [Family X], born 1858(ca.), died 24.Nov.1934
Azzaro, Yolande [Family E], born 1934(ca), res: France


Bail, Donald[Family C], born 29.Apr.1941, Mt. Holyoke, MA, Res: Chicopee, MA
Baldridge, Helen [Family F], born 28.Aug.1910; died 19.Sep.1983
Balletta, Vincent R. [Family H], born 27.Mar.1887 Accura, Italy; died 6.Sep.1955 Port Washington, NY
Baker, John Martin [Family L], born 1954, died Jan.2000
Baranoff, Phyllis [Family C], born 1953(ca.), Res: Brooklyn, NY
Bardollet, Marius [Family E], born 1933(ca.), Res: Saint Raphael, France
Barrucci, Anthony [Family B], born 5.May.1933, Ozone Park, NY, died 21.Feb.1964
Barszceski, Peter [Family B], born
Basso, Louis Michael III [Family L], born 1963(ca.)
Bassetto, Michele [Family X], born 1928(ca.)
Beamer, Randy [Family L], born 1963(ca.)
Belleri, Giuseppi [Family A], born 1831(ca.), Contessa Entellina
Benenati, Maria [Family H], born 1852(ca.)
Beninato, Antonia Lena [Family I], born 17.Jan.1874, died 15.Mar.1961, New Orleans, LA
Bennett, William Paul [Family I], born 30.Oct.1899,  St. Paul, MN, died 18.Dec.1966, New Orleans, LA
Bentivegna, Carmela [Family X], born 1908(ca.)
Berthiaume, Christine [Family I], born 1947(ca.)
Bertolino, Maria [Family X], born 1914(ca.)
Bertoloni, Louis Joseph [Family F], born 18.Jul.1912, Port Arthur TX, died 2.Jun.1980
Bevinetto, Leonardo [Family C], born 26.Aug.1907
Biagini, Anitra [Family C], born 1968(ca.)
Biagini, Anne Marie [Family C], born 12.Jun.1968, Res: Maybrook, NY
Bilà, Leonarda [Family A], born 1795(ca.)
Bina, Giovanni [Family E], born 1895(ca.)
Biondillion, Rosina [Family F], born 11.Jul.1885, died 15.Jun.1956
Bivona, Antonia (Nettie) [Family H], born 14.Dec.1900, New Orleans LA, died 16.Jul.1989, New Orleans LA
Bivona, Concetta [Family B], born 1928(ca.)
Bivona, Francesca [Family B], born 1921(ca.)
Bonanno, Calcedonio [Family E], born 1873(ca.)
Bona, Giuseppa [Family L], born 1863(ca.), Sicily; died Metairie, LA
Bonanno, Giuseppe [Family H], born 1858(ca.)
Bonura [Family H], , died 1885(ca.)
Boudreaux, Camille [Family H], born 1953(ca.)
Bowler, Michael Peter, [Family H], born 19
Branch , Stephen Paul [Family I], born 1956(ca.)
Braswell , Rick [Family F], born 1960(ca.)
Breen, William [Family C], born 1975(ca.)
Broussard, Brian Paul [Family L], born 1960(ca.)
Brown, John A., Sr. [Family F], born 1924
Brown, Charles P., Jr. [Family L], born 1908(ca.); died Metairie, LA
Brown, Doris Imogene "Bobbie" [Family L], born 13.Jun.1930
Bruno, S [Family I], born 1890(ca.), Dennison TX
Burns, Kathlene "Kay" [Family D], born 20.Apr.1915; res Babylon, NY
Burns, Kathlene Rose [Family D], born 20.Apr.1915, res Babylon, NY
Buscaglia, Giuseppa [Family A], born 1724(ca.)


Cabrera, Felix [Family C], born 20.Feb.1969, New York, NY
Calamia, Antoinette [Family F], born 1840(ca.), died 30.Sep.1934 USA
Calandro, Giocoma [Family X], born 1905(ca.)
Calofiglio, Giuseppe [Family G], born 1848(ca.)
Campbell, Jerry [Family I], born 1903(ca.)
Campisi, Rosaria [Family A], born 1787(ca.)
Candela, Vincenza [Family A], born 1818(ca.)
Cangialosi, Maria [Family H], born 1.Jul.1824
Cannizzaro, Vittoria [Family B], born 1921(ca.)
Capitano, Lilian [Family H], born 1901(ca.)
Capo, Maria [Family B], born 1818, died 19.Mar.1853
Capo, Nunzia [Family X], born 15.May.1877, died 27.Sep.1958
Caracci, Giocoma [Family E], born 1884(ca.)
Caratozzolo, Anthony [Family H], born 20.Jan.1908 Brooklyn, NY; died 24.Jan.1984 Huntington, NY
Carawan, Buzz [Family H], born 1948(ca.)
Carney, Patrick [Family C], born 1915(ca.)
Caronna, James [Family H], born 1888(ca.)
Caronna, Louis [Family H], born 1889(ca.)
Caronna, Victor [Family H], born 1890(ca.)
Caruso, Antonina [Family G], born 9.Apr.1841, Contessa Entellina
Caruso, Giuseppe [Family X], born 1898(ca.)
Caruso, Gaspare [Family X], born 1903(ca.)
Caruso, Vincent [Family G], born 1929(ca.)
Cascio, Josephine [Family F], born 12.Oct.1897, died 7.Mar.1965
Casciola, Maria [Family H], born 1818(ca.)
Caskey, Nancy Elizabeth [Family I], born 11.Mar.1959, Norfolk VA, Res: San Francisco CA
Cassino, Mary [Family C], born 1919(ca.), Res: Brooklyn, NY
Castille, Alice Ursula [Family L], born 17.Sep.1932
Castrogiovanni, Rosalia [Family A], born 1796(ca.), Contessa Entellina
Catalano, Antonina [Family K], born 1894(ca.)
Catalano, Filippo [Family X], born 1871(ca.)
Cavallaro, Laura [Family A], born 1685(ca.)
Chauvin, Brian Scott [Family F], born 26.Nov.1963; Res: Houma, LA
Chiofalo, Filippo [Family E], born 1887(ca.)
Chisesi, Caterina [Family G], born 1900(ca.)
Ciaccio, Rosina [Family G], born 1866(ca.)
Cirlincione, Frank [Family H], born 25.Oct.1905 Newark, NJ; died 23.Dec.1958 Valley Stream, NY
Clark, Carol [Family L], born 1950; Res: Baton Rouge, LA
Clement, Estelle [Family E], born 13.Sep.1973, Rennes, France, Res: France
Clesi, Maria [Family G], born 1917(ca.)
Colicchio, Vincenzo [Family X], born 1911(ca.)
Collins, Marilyn Ruth [Family I], born 8.Aug.1960, Ann Arbor, MI
Colonna, Anna Rita [Family B], born 1953(ca.)
Colombo, Fanny [Family L], born 30.Mar.1898, died 31.Mar.1979
Colombo, Josie [Family L], born 29.Sep.1902, died 10.Mar.1984
Colombo, Sadie [Family L], born 17.Apr.1899, died 24.Oct.1980
Conran, Mary Henrietta [Family G], born 1898(ca.), died 27.Aug.1976, New Orleans LA
Constantino, Michelangelo [Family F], born 1870(ca.)
Constantino, Pietro [Family F], born 16.Aug.1891
Conway, Beryl Maude [Family G], born 6.Feb.1928, Res: Madison, AL
Corallo, James [Family B], born 12.Oct.1956, Res: Ozone Park, NY
Corsi, Paola [Family A], born 1962(ca.)
Corte, Leonardo [Family X], Born 1862(ca.)
Corte, Caterina/Calogera [Family A], born 1798(ca.)
Cosgriff, Jack [Family I], born 1910(ca.)
Costa, Angela [Family E], born 1843(ca.)
Costanza, Serafina [Family E], born 1845
Coy, Juan [Family B], born 1952(ca.)
Coyne, Scott [Family L], born 1960(ca.)
Credure, Thelma Marie [Family L], born 13.Oct.1926, died 19.Sep.1989
Crapa, Antonia [Family B], born 1962(ca.)
Crocchiolo, Francesco [Family A], born 1804(ca.)
Cuccia, Calogera [Family G], born 1860(ca.)
Cuccia, Domenico [Family G], born 1892(ca.)
Culmone, Caterina [Family A], born 1761, died 1.Aug.1819
Culver, Lawrence, Sr.[Family F], born 10.Apr.1932, Res: Groves, TX
Cureau, Leona [Family G], born 1907(ca.)
Curry, Karen [Family C], born 1957(ca.), Res: Staten Island, NY
Cusimano, Concetta [Family E], born 1936(ca.)
Cutrera, Antonina [Family L], born 24.Sep.1904, died 17.Mar.1983


D'Alessandro, Deborah Ann [Family C], born 18.Feb.1940, Res: Staten Island, NY
Dalton, June Elizabeth [Family I], born 18.Feb.1940, Res: Indianapolis, IN
Daly, Elizabeth "Betty" [Family H], born 21.Jun.1921 Brooklyn, NY; Res St.Petersburg, FL
D'Amico, Francesco [Family X], born 1907(ca.)
Danos, Lola [Family H], born 30.Jan.1906 Des Allemands; died 8.Dec.1986 New Orleans, LA
Deherin, Lynn [Family H], born 1941(ca.)
Desjardins, Gary Joseph [Family I], born 1966(ca.)
D'Gerolamo, Paul [Family H], born 8.Apr.1899; died 28.Jul.1967, Kenner, LA
D'Gerolamo, Victor Thomas [Family H], born 1908
D'Gerolamo, Jules Salvador [Family H], born 31.Oct.1913
DiBenedetto, Biagio [Family A], born 1835(ca.)
Diem, Doug [Family B], born 1968(ca.)
DiGiovanni, Cristina Poggio (Rosa) [Family F], born 15.Sep.1893
DiGiovanni, Giuspino [Family F], born 1870(ca.)
DiGirolamo, Vito [Family X], born 1858(ca.)
DiGregorio, Francesca [Family E], born 1891(ca.)
DiMaggio, Rosa [Family C], born 1892(ca.)
DiMaria, Antonino [Family F], born 1849(ca.)
DiMaria, Gaetana [Family F], born 1869(ca.)
DiMaria, Paoula [Family C], born 1890(ca.)
DiMaria, Rosa [Family A], born 1795(ca.)
DiMartino, Franco [Family G], born 1928(ca.), died 2000
DiPaola, Maria Angela [Family E], born 1930(ca.)
DiPietra, Vincenzo [Family A], born 1815(ca.)
DiRosa, Nicolò [Family C], born 1879(ca.)
DiSimone, Rosa [Family C], born 1854(ca.)
Dolce, Lucia [Family F], born 7.Aug.1917
Dozier, Sherrie Hope [Family I], born 1970(ca.)
Drago, Lena Jo [Family F], born 10.Jun.1915, died 23.Jul.1998
Dragone, Cosimo [Family H], born 25.Jan.1900 Bari, Italy; died 23.Jul.1971, Jersey City, NJ
Drury, Jane [Family I], born 11.Aug.1920, Clinton MA, Res: Hamilton GA
Dumon, Laurie [Family F], born 31.Oct.1960, Res: Port Neches, TX
Dumesmil, Howard Paul [Family L], born 1963(ca.)
Duplissey, Elouise [Family F], born 1920(ca.)
Duvigneaud, Donelle [Family H], born 1958(ca.)


Elliot, William A. Jr. [Family I], born 21.Feb.1915, Sturgis, MI, died 10.Jun.1981, Jefferson Parrish, LA
Erber, Susan Elizabeth [Family I], born 1.Oct.1951, New Orleans, LA
Eschete, Ronald [Family F], born 16.Jul.1954, res: Houma, LA
Esposito, Marion [Family C], born 1921(ca.), Res: Staten Island, NY
Evans, Kenneth [Family H], born 1967


Fagot, Maria Louise [Family H], born 6.Dec.1953, Res: Metairie, LA
Falsetto, Bruno [Family X], born 1823(ca.), Contessa Entellina
Favaloro, James Michael [Family H], born 4.Jul.1954, New Orleans LA
Favaloro, Diego [Family X], born 1862(ca.)
Fazande, Lily M. [Family L], born 1891(ca.)
Fazino, Rosa [Family X], born 1844(ca.)
Fazio, Teresa [Family K], born 1
Fazzino, Charles Vincenzo [Family L], born 1882(ca.); died Metairie, LA
Ferguson, Patrick Allen [Family H], born 1959(ca.), Res: Harvey, LA
Ferro, Giuseppa [Family C], born 1837(ca.)
Fey, Joseph [Family D], born 17.Sep.1910, died 01.Nov.1984
Fiducia, Benedetto [Family H], born 1880(ca.), Salaparuta, Sicily; died 16.May.1933 ,Brooklyn. NT
Fiducia, Anthony J. [Family C] and [Family H], born 9.Dec.1908 Brooklyn, NY, died 21.Jan.1995 St. Augustine, FL
Fiorello, Frances [Family B], born 1906, Brooklyn NY, died 1991
Fiorello, Josephine [Family B], born 1910, Brooklyn NY, Res: Queens NY
Fisette, Regina [Family F], born 1914(ca.)
Fisher, William [Family I], born 1905(ca.)
Folks, Alice [Family F], born 10.Mar.1914 Opelousas, LA; died Jan.1988 Houma, LA
Fontana, Antonina [Family A], born 1798(ca.)
Ford, Norma [Family E], born 1920(ca.)
Foto, Filip [Family G], born 1915(ca.)
Fonger, Michael [Family L], born 1921(ca.)
Fraysse, Alix Berthe [Family I], born 11.Feb.1911, Opeloussas, LA, died 16.Aug.1990, New Orleans, LA
Folks, Jamie [Family C], born 1973(ca.)
Frost, Brittany Bliss [Family I], born 9.Nov.1978, Newton, MA, Res: Clemson, SC
Funderburk, Carol [Family F], born c.1936; Res: Houma, LA


Gadegard, Betty Lou [Family I], born 25.Oct.1933, Hartford CT, Res: Woodstock VT
Galata, Giuseppe [Family G], born 1910(ca.)
Gallagher, Stephen M. [Family C], born 3.Jan.1955, Bronx, NY, Res: New Windsor, NY
Gallo, Nicoletta Antonina [Family X], born 1901(ca.)
Gambino, Maria [Family X], born 1932(ca.)
Garacci, Antonia [Family A], born 1798
Garacci, Caterina [Family B], born 1892(ca.)
Garacci, Caterina [Family A], born 18.Sep.1792
Garacci, Caterina [Family X], born 1839(ca.)
Garacci, Antonina [Family A], born 1821(ca.)
Garacci, Isidoro [Family X], born 1822(ca.)
Garacci, Maria [Family X], born 1824(ca.)
Garacci, Nicolina [Family F], born 1821(ca.)
Garsia, Mafalda [Family E], born 1.Feb.1939, Res: Nice, France
Garsia, Sylvaine [Family E], born 1942(ca.) (div)
Gast, Carolyn Agatha [Family L], born 1934, Res: Opelousas, LA
Genovese, Francesca [Family X], born 1865(ca.)
Georgealis, Mary [Family B], born 6.Jan.1967, Res: Lynbrook NY
Gerace, Rosario [Family E], born 1888(ca.)
Geraci, Franco [Family B], born 1943(ca.)
Geubelle, Mark David [Family H], born 28.Feb.1963, Wellington KS
Geupet, Henry Paul [Family I], born 8.Mar.1955, New Orleans, LA
Giacalone, Domenico [Family B], born 1857(ca.)
Giacalone, Marie [Family E], born 26.Oct.1926; Res: Melun, France
Gianfala, Sebastiano [Family X], born 1822(ca.)
Giamalva, Marie Frances [Family L], born 1927(ca.)
Giangreco, Giuseppa [Family E], born 27.Mar.1902, Maleto, Sicily
Giardina, Rosina [Family I], born 9.Oct.1892, New Orleans LA, died 8.Jun.1987, Hartford CT
Giarratano, Mr. [Family L], born 1910(ca.); Res: Metairie, LA
Gil, Daisy [Family F], born 1908(ca.)
Giovenco, Antonia [Family H], born 11.Nov.1881, Gibellina, Sicily, died 2.Mar.1966, New Orleans, LA
Giovinco, Leonarda [Family H], born 1854(ca.)
Giurlando, Vincenza [Family X], born 1854(ca.)
Godkin, Dorothy [Family G], born 11. Oct.1902, died 17.May.1997
Gonsoulin, Austin (Goose) [Family F], born 7.Jun.1938, Res: Port Neches, TX
Gotani, Maria [Family B], born 1923(ca.)
Goudeau, Joan [Family L], born 1960
Graffagnino, Antonina [Family L], born 16.Jun.1871, died 29.Dec.1954
Graffagnino, Rosa [Family H, Family C], born 4.Sep.1901 Salaparuta, Sicily; died 5.Feb.1997 St. Augustine, FL
Graffeo [Family E], born 1878(ca.)
Graffeo, Giuseppa [Family X], born 1874(ca.)
Grindell, Marilyn [Family L], born 6.Feb.1955
Gruner, Raymond [Family I], born 1910(ca.)
Gruppuso, Antonia [Family B], born 16.Feb.1856
Gruppuso, Teresa [Family B], born 1864, Salaparuta Sicily, died 13.Sep.1933, USA
Guarino, Vincenzo [Family G], born 1907(ca.)


Hance, C. L. [Family F], born 1929(ca.)
Hargrove, Otis Dean [Family H], born 17.Aug.1927; died 5.May.1982 ,Lafayette, LA
Hartmann, Hans-Rudolf "Ruedi" [Family C], born 4.Oct.1931 Chur, Switzerland, Res: St. Augustine, FL
Hebert, Sherry Ann [Family I], born 27.Feb.1970
Hennis, Margaret [Family L], born 1967(ca.)
Hernandez, Eliodora [Family E], born 11.Jan.1940, Spain, Res: Cannes, France
Higgins, Dale Coy [Family I], born 21.Oct.1949, Res: Metairie, LA
Hitzman, James [Family I], born 1911(ca.)
Hoops, Robert Edward [Family B], born 24.Dec.1928, Glendale, NY, Res: Glendale, NY
Huen, Karen [Family B], born c.1956, Glendale, NY, Res: Edison, NJ
Hunter, Robert Allan [Family I], born 13.Mar.1939, Mulberry, KA


Jackson, Mildred [Family H], born 1928(ca.)
Johnson, Mr. [Family L], born 1952(ca.)
Jones, Salley [Family H], born 1966, Res: New Orleans, LA


Kelly, Shirley Patricia [Family H], born 15.Aug.1929, New Orleans LA, died 17.Jan.1997
Kendall, Natalie [Family I], born 10.Jul.1944, Lufkin, TX, Res: Victoria, TX
Khern, Helen [Family L], born 1913(ca.)
Kirgis, Sarah Kathryn [Family I], born 20.Oct.1946, Mansfield OH, Res: Columbus OH
Krieger, Helen Anna [Family G], born 1907(ca.)
King, Maureen [Family L], born 1956(ca.)
Krug, Michael [Family L], born 1856; died 29.Dec.1909


LaBella, Giuseppe [Family I], born 1877(ca.)
LaBella, Anna Maria [Family X], born 1820(ca.)
LaBella, Filippo [Family H], born 1845, died 25.Sep.1918
LaBella, Francesca [Family B], born 1892(ca.)
LaBella, Giuseppe [Family I], born 1877(ca.)
LaCroix, Sean [Family F], born 9.Jan.1969, Res: Port Neches, TX
Lagrue, Felix [Family L], born 1907(ca.)
LaLa, Nicholas [Family H], born 1907
LaRocca, Giuseppa [Family F], born 1854(ca.)
LaRocca, Luigia [Family B], born 25.Mar.1845, died 10.Sep.1880
LaRocca, Luigia [Family B], born 21.Jul.1890, died 3.Jun.1972, Salaparuta, Sicily
L'Asta, Frank [Family I], born 1873(ca.)
Lauer, Richard [Family H], born 1946
Lauriano, Olga d'Ippolito [Family G], born 1932(ca.)
Leavy, Robert P. [Family C], born 1964(ca.), Res: Spring Hill, FL
Leitz, Ethel [Family H], born 1902(ca.)
Lejeune, Lurian [Family F], born 1946(ca.)
Leveque, Marie-France [Family E], born 1956(ca.), Res: Bombon, France
Licari, Amarosa [Family X], born 1865(ca.)
Liccardi, Nando [Family G], born 1929(ca.)
Lion, Richard [Family H], born 1959(ca.)
Lipari, Rose [Family F], born 1923(ca.)
Lipari, Giuseppe Francesco [Family X], born 1831(ca.), Sicily
Lipari, Carmelo [Family X], born 1871(ca.)
Lobianco, Sam [Family D], born 1884(ca.)
Lombardino, Giuseppe, born 16.Jun.1879, Salaparuta Sicily, died 5.Dec.1951, Brooklyn NY
Lombardo, Vincent [Family E], born 9.Aug.1900, died Marseilles, France
Lombardo, Matteo [Family X], born 1823(ca.)
Lombardo, Francesca [Family F], born 1857(ca.)
Lorenzetti, Piergiorgio [Family G], born 1940(ca.)
Lopez, David Andrew [Family I], born 27.Feb.1971, Lincoln, NB, Res: California
Lupo, Baldassare [Family X], born 1819(ca.)
Lupo, Rosa [Family B], born 12.Feb.1888, Salaparuta, Sicily, died 14.Jun.1988, Salaparuta, Sicily
Lyday, Steven Dwayne [Family F], born 26.May.1964, Res: ,TX
Lyman, Elizabeth Mae [Family D], born 1885(ca.)


Maggio, Giuseppe [Family K], born 1884(ca.)
Maggio, Pietra [Family C], born 1888(ca.)
Maggiore, Angelina Marie [Family G], born 10.Mar.1928, New Orleans LA, Res: New Olreans, LA
Maihler, Katherine [Family H], born 1906(ca.)
Maltese, Giuseppa [FamilyA], born 1777(ca.)
Manale, Rosalia [Family X], born 9.Apr.1863, Contessa Entellina, died 11.Aug.1963
Manca, Ada [Family G], born 1918(ca.), Res: S. Sepolcro, IT
Mandina, Fortunato [Family H], born 1888(ca.)
Mandina, Giuseppe [Family F], born 1843(ca.)
Mandina, Lucia [Family A], born 1818(ca.)
Mangoglia, Vincenza [Family A], born 1754(ca.)
Mangogna, Pietro [Family X], born 1809(ca.)
Manieri, Tyrell Theodore [Family I], born 28.Nov.1977
Maniscalco, Caterina [Family X], born 21.Feb.1897, died 18.Aug.1986
Manovich, William [Family F], born 1904(ca.)
Marazzi, Michelle [Family B], born 1938(ca.), Res: Lindenhurst NY
Marino, Fabio [Family G], born 1968(ca.), Res: Contessa Entellina
Marioneaux, Danny Ray [Family F], born 7.Oct.1962, Res: Port Neches, TX
Martin, Melissa [Family H], born 10.Apr.1961, Res: LaPlace, LA
Mattarella, Giuseppa [Family X], born 1915(ca.)
Mayaux, Lucille [Family H], born 1908(ca.), died Biloxi, MS
Mazara, Anna Maria [Family A], born 1837(ca.)
McCormick, Ann Marie [Family I], born 30.Oct.1949, Potsdam NY, Res: Hamilton GA
McKeon, Janice [Family B], born 10.Dec.1939, Res: Lynbrook NY
McMullen, Darrell [Family F], born 1927(ca.)
Mendolia, Maria Grazia [Family E], born 1837(ca.)
Metzler, Joseph Aloyosius, Jr. [Family I], born 29.Nov.1947, New Orleans, LA, died New Orleans, LA
Merighi, Luisa [Family B], born 1928(ca.)
Messonier, Thomas [Family H], born 30.Nov.1961, Res: Lafayette, LA
Michel, Donald, Louis, Sr. [Family I], born 10.Dec.1891, Homeplace, LA, died 22.Jun.1968, Galveston, TX
Milazzo, Anna [Family C], born 1929(ca.)
Milazzo, Giovanni [Family A], born 1835(ca.)
Mire, Joann [Family L], born 25.Sep.1948
Mistretta, Margherita [Family K], born 1858(ca.)
Mitchell, Donald [Family I], born 1903(ca.)
Montecino, Sidney Gilbert [Family I], born 26.Dec.1931, New Orleans, LA
Montelbano, Angela [Family E], born 1893(ca.)
Monte, Josette [Family F], born 1.Mar.1948, Res: Port Neches, TX
Montellaro, Salvatore [Family E], born 1840(ca.)
Moquin, Olivier [Family E], born 1974(ca.)
Moore, Maurice [Family L], born 1921(ca.)
Morrell, Thomas Andrew [Family F], born 1840(ca.)
Mueller, Robert [Family H], born 1
Murphy, Gerald [Family D], born 1913(ca.), died 1988(ca.)
Musmeci, Francesca [Family B], born 1930(ca.)
Musso, Vito [Family C], born 1951(ca.)


Nastasi, Leonard [Family H], born 1861(ca.), Salaparuta Sicily, died USA
Nastasi, Giuseppe [Family A], born 1801(ca.)
Nastasi, Philip [Family I], born 1890(ca.)
Navarra, Vincenza [Family A], born 1755(ca.)
Nicholson, Thomas [Family H], born 1955(ca.)
Nicotre, Angeline [Family F], born 1906(ca.)
Nicotre, Gioacchina [Family F], born 1888(ca.)
Nitikas, Eric [Family C], born 1973(ca.)
Nuccio, Giuseppima [Family G], born 1.Nov.1879, New Orleans LA, died 18.Oct.1929


O'Connor, Denise N. [Family L], born 1955
O'Donnell, Rose [Family H], born 1917
Olin, Carl [Family C], born 3.Jun.1949, Cornwall, NY
Oliveri, Paola [Family B], born 1844(ca.)
Oliveri, Vita [Family F], born 1863(ca.)
Onufer, Eileen [Family H], born Jun.1945, Manhatten NY
Orellana, Antonio [Family G], born 5.Oct.1958 La Ceiba, Honduras, Res: Metairie, LA
Orlando, Vincenzo [Family X], born 1856(ca.)
Orofino, Elena [Family E], born 1936(ca.), Res: Aubagne, France


Pace, Antonia [Family C], born 1883(ca.)
Padron, Frances [Family C], born 1951(ca.), Res: Port Richey, FL
Palermo, Giuseppa [Family B], born 1886(ca.), died 20.Oct.1918
Palermo, Rosalia [Family X], born 1835(ca.)
Palermo, Salvatore [Family I], born 1862(ca.), Salaparuta Sicily
Palermo, Sarah [Family H], born 1887, died 1948
Parenti, Gianna [Family B], born 1930(ca.)
Parisi, Giuseppa [Family A], born 1798(ca.)
Patterson, Robert [Family H], born 19
Payne, Evelyn [Family C], born 1.May.1910 Brooklyn, NY, died 25.Jul.1972, New York, NY
Peck, Marie Adrienne Faie [Family F], born 25.Dec.1936 Sunset, LA; Res: Houma, LA
Pennisi, Mary [Family C], born 1928(ca.), Res: Long Island, NY
Pepitone, Frank B., Jr. [Family F], born 23.Aug.1914, died 14.Jul.1992
Pereira, Carlos [Family E], born 1971(ca.), Res: La Rochette, France
Perna, Anna [Family A], born 1717(ca.), Salaparuta Sicily
Perron, Cynthia [Family L], born 25.Nov.1967
Perroncel, Douglas Wade, Jr. [Family L], born 14.Nov.1957
Perry, Stephen Allan [Family I], born 16.Sep.1965, New Iberia, LA
Persica, Manuel "Burch" [Family F], born 1917(ca.)
Petty, Louise [Family G], born 7.Sep.1904, died 21.May.1947
Picone, John Paul [Family H], born 27.Mar.1905 Harvey, LA, died 28.Dec.1972 New Orleans, LA
Picou, Kelly Susan [Family F], born 20.Apr.1962; Res: Houma, LA
Pinero, Betty Ann [Family H], born 1.May.1931, New Orleans LA, Res: Kenner, LA
Pironti, Peter [Family C], born 26.Sep.1964, New York, NY, Res: Monroe, NY
Pisciotta, Antonina [Family X], born 1813(ca.)
Pisciotta, Joseph J. [Family L], born 1904; died Feb.1986 Metairie, LA
Pizzolato, Antonia [Family X], born 1815(ca.)
Polite, James [Family L], born 17.Apr,1879, died 14.Jan.1933
Poinsot, Patrick [Family E], born 1949(ca.), Res: Dammmarie Les Lys, France
Prestifilippo, Giuseppe [Family G], born 1864(ca.)
Prather, Ms. [Family L], born 1945(ca.)
Puccio, Vero [Family H], born 1910
Puleo, Stephen [Family B], born 10.Sep.1889, Gastellana, Italy; died 2.Jan.1969 USA


Quebedeaux, Robert Frank, Jr. [Family F], born 8.Aug.1938, Res: Port Neches, TX
Quigle, Betty [Family D], born 1918(ca.)
Quirk, Helen Kathlene [Family L], born 30.Sep.1941


Radosti, Pasquale [Family G], born 26.Nov.1869, died 1.May.1934, New Orleans LA
Ragusa, Giuseppe [Family G], born 1889(ca.)
Randon, Emily Michele [Family H], born 10.Feb.1915 North Bergen, NJ; Res: Bergenfield, NJ
Ravidà, Paola [Family G], born 1967(ca.)
Raziano, James [Family G], born 1916(ca.)
Reed, Viola [Family F], born 1925(ca.)
Reese, Douglas Mark [Family L], born 1970(ca.)
Reres/Perez, Margerita [Family G], born 1820(ca.), Contessa Entellina, died 22.Jun.1857
Rigolon, Lucia [Family E], born 1936(ca.)
Richichi, Dominico [Family G], born 1896(ca.)
Rinado, Giovanna [Family A], born 1664(ca.)
Riscica, Domenica [Family A], born 1790(ca.)
Rizzuto, Francesca [Family X], born 1844(ca.)
Rizzuto, Giacomo [Family X], born 1827(ca.)
Robelot, Walter Andrew [Family I], born 1956(ca.)
Robinson, Albert Bruce [Family I], born 30.Aug.1951
Roccaforte, Antonino [Family F], born 29.Jan.1876, died 16.Mar.1968
Rocca, Vincenza [Family C], born 24.Aug.1943, Salaparuta, Sicily; Res: Brooklyn, NY
Roccaforte, Rosa [Family F], born 2.Nov.1884, Salaparuta Sicily, died 5.Feb.1957
Romano, Girolama [Family C], born 1883(ca.)
Roumeliotis, John [Family I], born 1900(ca.)


Sacco, Santa [Family C], born 1914(ca.)
Sacco, Grazia [Family C], born 1929(ca.)
Salvaggio, Leonardo [Family H], born 1849(ca.)
Salvato, Maria [Family G], born 1875(ca.)
Salvato, Nicolina [Family G], born 1858(ca.)
Sancetta, Francesca [Family A], born 1788(ca.)
Sancetta, Giovanna [Family B], born 1832(ca.)
Sansone, Luigi [Family X], born 1891(ca.), died 10.Jun.1968
Santare, Ann Dorothy Marie [Family C], born 26.Jul.1922, died 28.Nov.1991
Santini, Madeline [Family H], born 1907(ca.)
Sauviac, Mervin [Family H], born 1926(ca.)
Saux, Jack Emile Thomas, Jr. [Family I], born 2.May.1942, Alexandria, VA
Savage, Philip [Family I], born 1912(ca.)
Savarese, Rose Marie [Family C], born 1948(ca.); Res: Brooklyn, NY
Savona, Rosa [Family L], born 1880(ca.)
Scalia, Anna [Family X], born 1844(ca.)
Scalia, Vincenza [Family X], born 1864(ca.)
Scamardi, Giuseppa [Family X], born 1830(ca.)
Scardino, Giacomo [Family H], born 1876(ca.)
Scardino, Giuseppe [Family X], born 1843(ca.)
Scardino, Giuseppe [Family B], born 1846(ca.), died 10.Sep.1880
Scaturro, Leonarda [Family E], born 1872(ca.)
Scaturro, Mario [Family C], born 1915(ca.)
Scaturro, Vito [Family A], born 1799(ca.)
Scavone, Antonio [Family E], born 1890(ca.)
Scelfo, Francesca [Family G], born 1931(ca.)
Schelleci, Gioacchino [Family G], born 1896(ca.), New Orleans LA, died 8.Aug.1955
Schilleci, Giovanni [Family G], born 1862(ca.)
Schilleci, Nicholas [Family G], born 1897(ca.)
Schmidt, Mary Ann [Family H], born 1957(ca.)
Schramm, Mary [Family H], born 17.Mar.1914, Jamaica NY
Schultz, Lisa [Family B], born 21.Oct.1962, Res: Atlanta GA
Sciambra, Anna [Family G], born 1906(ca.)
Sciambra, Giacoma [Family X], born 1828(ca.)
Sclafani, Amelia [Family B], born 2.Nov.1951, Res: Old Bridge NJ
Sclafani, Maria [Family G], born 1897(ca.)
Scopek, Ann [Family D], born 19.May.1947, res Lindenhurst, NY
Sechi, Isio [Family G], born 1946(ca.)
Sentenn, Walter [Family H], born 11.Aug.1943, Res: New Orleans, LA
Skinner, Sara Belle [Family I], born 28.Jul.1941, Longview, TX
Slater, Samuel William [Family H], born 29.Dec.1957, Res: Metairie, LA
Smith, Sally [Family F], born 1963(ca.), Res: Nederland, TX
Soalia, Giuseppe [Family A], born 1823(ca.)
Spengler, Peter [Family B], born 1937(ca.)
Stabile, Anna Maria [Family K], born 1835(ca.)
Stanford, Judy [Family L], born 1950(ca.)
StAngelo, Frank [Family D], born 1950(ca.)
Steeg, Sharon Patricia [Family L], born 1947
Steen, Clark, Jr. [Family H], born
Stewart, Dorothy [Family G], born 1897(ca.)
Storms, Jeremy [Family C], born 1976(ca.)


Tamborello, Margherita [Family X], born 1821(ca.)
Tatman, Merril [Family L], born 23.Jan.1918, died 8.Sep.1984
Termine, Accursia [Family E], born 1928(ca.)
Thiébaut, François [Family E], born 1935, France, Res: Enghiens les Bains, France (div)
Tigue, Betty [Family D], born 1920(ca.), res: Sun City, AZ
Till, Brenda [Family C], born 1945(ca.), Res: Wayne, NJ
Todora, Phillipine "Josephine" [Family F], born 31.May.1906
Trahan, Hulin L. [Family F], born 8.Apr.1921, died 9.Oct.1976
Trahant, Daniel [Family H], born 1958(ca.)
Tranchida, Ignazio [Family X], born 1897(ca.)
Trzebratowski, Martin [Family H], born 1949(ca.)
Trombino, Anna [Family E], born 1867(ca.)
Tumminello, Bennedetta [Family K], born 1889(ca.)
Tusa, Angela [Family I], born 25.Oct.1844, died 17.Dec.1928
Tusa, Anthony [Family H], born 1885(ca.)
Tusa, Caterina [Family C], born 1877(ca.) Salaparuta, Sicily, died Mar.1953 Brooklyn, NY
Tusa, Lucia [Family X], born 1846(ca.)
Tusa, Vincenza [Family F], born 1849(ca.) 

Udemi, Phyllis [Family L], born 1925(ca.)

Verdez, Mondy [Family E], born Feb.1938, Res: Enghiens les Bains, France


Wagner, Gladys [Family F], born 1915(ca.)
Walsh, Donald Joseph [Family H], born 20.Mar.1927, New Orleans LA
Ward, Otis Lee [Family F], born 9.Mar.1942, Res: Groves, TX
Wari, A [Family F], born 1941(ca.)
Wedemeyer, Hugo Carl Christian [Family I], born 11.Apr.1929, St. Louis, MO, Res: New Orleans, LA
Westenberger, Fred [Family H], born 1932
Wicke, George [Family I], born 1901(ca.), died 1972
Wilson, Morgan Dell [Family F], born 8.Jul.1968 Raleigh, NC; Res: Louin, MS
Witherow, Margaret [Family C], born 15.Mar.1937 Troon, Scotland, Res: Manhasset, NY
Wolf, Josephine Anita [Family I], born 7.Apr, 1966, Cape Kennedy, FL


Yackle, Bertha [Family D], born 1920(ca.)


Zanon, Alessandra [Family B], born 1950(ca.)

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