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I am Emilia Graffagnino, the daughter of Rosario Graffagnino (Family K). Rosario is the seventh son of Biagio Graffagnino and Antonina Catalano; I will give you some information about these descendants: today, the only one alive are my aunt Margherita and my father Rosario. [see updates below]


My name is Michelle Noranna Graffagnino, the only living daughter of Dominic Graffagnino - Christian name Domenico, nickname Mimi. One deceased daughter Katie died November 8th 1980. Dominic was the son of Pietro Graffagnino who passed away August 6th, 1999, and Anna Graffagnino, his wife, 10th December 1995. My Mother Janice Graffagnino, married to Dominic, was born in 1959. Her maiden made was Ward. Leonardo Graffagnino's first son, Vito, was married to Donna, and they have a daughter, Isabella Graffagnino, who is two years old. [see updates below]


Hi Bob, Mimmo's actual name is Dominico, we just call him Mimi. His date of birth is 12th June 1957 and his wife's name is Janice (sorry not sure of her maiden name). Her date of birth is 14th Feb 1961. I believe they got married August 1979.

My Dad's younger brother Giuseppe was born in the UK. Only my Dad and Mimmo were born in Santa Margherita, and they emigrated here in 1960. My Dad was 5 years old when he came to the UK.

I have advised my Dad of the web site, and he is really keen to look at all the information. He didn't even know it existed ,which is great for him

I hope this helps you. Thanks for all your help on this. Regards, Emma [see updates below]


Hi Robert, I am from Family K. I am the daughter of Vito graffagnino in Bristol, but not the one who helped with the information. As you can see I currently live in Dubai working for emirates. I would be grateful for any information on our family tree if you can help, and it would be nice to talk to people who are related to me.

My father is Vito graffagnino, son of Pietro Graffagnino. He has two brothers Mimmo and Giuseppe. My dad's details are: date of birth = 02/10/1955 born in Santa margherita Sicily, now lives in Bristol UK. He is married to Janet Paul for over 30 years and they married on 28th June 1975 in Bristol. My date of birth is 04/03/1979 and I now work and live in Dubai, was born in Bristol. My brother is also Vito graffagnino. He still lives in the UK in Bristol. His date of birth 23/02/1981 and he was also born in Bristol.

Mimmos children's dates of birth etc are incorrect: Dominic's birthday is 28th December 1982, Mark's birthday is 12th June 1984. Michelle is his daughter's name and her date of birth is 12th July 1987.

I was hoping to buy a book of our family tree or something for my Dad's 50th birthday as I know it would be something he would really enjoy. Is there anything like that that you know of at all?

But the website is great, and I can't wait for my Dad to see this. It's really nice to hear and know that there are relatives of mine in different parts of the world. Regards, Emma Graffagnino, Senior Travel Consultant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates [see updates below]


Benito Graffagnino writes from Bristol, UK: I am Benito Graffagnino. Where did you get all this information? In Family K I am shown as "Benito Graffagnino" born 1995, but I was really born in 1993, and my brother Pietro Graffagnino was born in 1989. Also my Dad is Giusippe Graffagnino and was born in 1962. If this helps you in any way I would be happy to give you more information.

My Dad was married to Helen Dalton 20 years ago. They where married in Bristol. I will phone and ask all my family what they know and email it to you, then we will know it is actually right instead of assuming it is right. I definitely know my dad was born in 62and my mum in 64 - that is right. I will try to get some more stuff for you. I will revise it on the net from other sites and write it all down etc. I think there were only 15-30 Graffagninos in the UK and they all had enough sense to move back to Sicily.

Log in to my Graffagnino Forum at


Family K dropped out of Family X as soon as we heard from one of its descendants. Welcome to the group!

Contributing Family Members
Vito Graffagnino - Bristol, UK
Benito Graffagnino - Bristol, UK
Emma Graffagnino - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Michelle Noranna Graffagnino - Bristol, UK
Emilia Graffagnino - ?
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of birth
date and place of
death or residence
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 3 children c.1818  
  6mAnna Maria Stabile (14.Jan.1855) c.1835  
allparent 7Calogera Graffagnino 5.Oct.1855 30.Oct.1855
allparent 7Pietro Graffagnino 4 children 2.Jun.1858 28.Jan.1937
  7mMargherita Mistretta (21.Feb.1883) c.1858  
allparent 8Anna Graffagnino 6.Mar.1884 22.Dec.1940 USA
  8mGiuseppe Maggio (c.1904) c.1884  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino c.1885  
allparent 8Vito Graffagnino 10 children 25.Jul.1889 18.Mar.1945
  8mBenedetta Tumminello (11.Dec.1909) c.1889  
allparent 9Franca Graffagnino c.1915 res: San Margherita de Belice, Sicily
  8mCalogero c.1910 1975 San Margherita, Sicily
allparent 9Piera Graffagnino 1 child c.1916 Sicily res: Concord, CA
  9mForbes (c.1946 Sicily) c.1916 Sicily 1975 Concord, CA
allparent 9Enrico Forbes c.1958 Sicily  
allparent 9Maria Graffagnino c.1920 c.1982 Palermo, Sicily
allparent 9Antonietta Graffagnino 1 child c.1922 res: Turin, Italy
  8mhusband c.1922 1997 Turin, Italy
allparent 9Sandra 1 child c.1950 res: Turin, Italy
allparent 9Davide c.1977 res: Turin, Italy
allparent 9Bina Graffagnino c.1925 res: San Margherita de Belice, Sicily
allparent 9Pietro Graffagnino 3 children c.1930 6.Aug.1995
  8mAnna c.1930 10.Dec1995
allparent 10Vito Graffagnino 2 children 02.Oct.1955 San Margherita, Sicily res: Bristol UK
  10mJanet Paul (28.Jun.1975 Bristol UK) c.1955 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 11Emma Graffagnino 4.Mar.1979 Bristol UK res: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
allparent 11Vito Graffagnino 23.Feb.1981 Bristol UK res: Bristol UK
allparent 9Domenico "Mimmo" Graffagnino 2 children 12.Jun.1957 San Margherita, Sicily res: Bristol UK
  10mJanice Ward (Aug.1979) 14.Feb.1961 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 11Katie Graffagnino c.1980 8.Nov.1980
allparent 11Dominic Graffagnino 28.Dec.1982 res: Bristol UK
allparent 11Mark Graffagnino 12.Jun.1984 res: Bristol UK
allparent 11Michelle Noranna Graffagnino 12.Jul.1987 res: Bristol UK
allparent 9Giuseppe Graffagnino 2 children 1962 Bristol, UK res: Bristol, UK
  10mHelen Dalton (1985 Bristol UK) 1964 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 11Pietro Graffagnino 1989 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 11Benito Graffagnino 1993 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 9Leonardo Graffagnino 3 children 23.Oct.1933 res: Bristol, UK
  8mTeresa Fazio 30.Mar.1942 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 9son Graffagnino c.1966 Sicily c.1966 Sicily
allparent 9Vito Graffagnino 1967 Bristol, UK res: Bristol, UK
  10mDonna c.1967 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 11Isabella Graffagnino 2004 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 9Gino Graffagnino 1971 Bristol, UK res: Bristol, UK
allparent 9Itola "Margherita" Graffagnino 4 children c.1935 res: Bristol, UK
  8mGiovanni Abruzzo c.1935 res: Bristol, UK
allparent 9Maria Lia Abruzzo c.1958 res: UK
allparent 9Bennedetta Abruzzo c.1961 res: UK
allparent 9Mimmo Abruzzo c.1965 res: UK
allparent 9Vito Abruzzo c.1967 res: UK
allparent 9Giuseppe Graffagnino c.1938 c.1947
allparent 8Biagio Graffagnino 7 children 20.Oct.1894 9.Feb.1971
  8mAntonina Catalano (19.Oct.1919) c.1894  
allparent 9Pietro Graffagnino c.1920  
  9mAngela Caleca c.1920  
allparent 9Angela Graffagnino c.1941  
allparent 9Francesca Graffagnino c.1942  
allparent 9Biago Graffagnino c.1943  
allparent 9Pasquale Graffagnino c.1921  
allparent 9Francesco Graffagnino c.1922  
allparent 9Antonino (Nino) Graffagnino c.1923  
  9mIole Panebianco c.1923 res: Napoli, Italia
allparent 9Biagio Graffagnino c.1924  
  9mTeresa Furca c.1924 res: New York NY
allparent 9Biagio Graffagnino c.1944  
allparent 9Rickard Graffagnino c.1945  
allparent 9Lorraine Graffagnino c.1946  
allparent 9Margherita Maria Lucia Graffagnino 23.Jun.1937 res: San Margherita Belice, Sicolia
  9mLeonardo Abruzzo (2.Jul.1970) c.1937  
allparent 9Giuseppina Abruzzo c.1958  
allparent 9Onofrio (Onorio) Abruzzo c.1959  
allparent 9Rosario Graffagnino 1941 res: Sciacca, Sicilia
  9mAccursia Tavormina 1947 res: Sciacca, Sicilia
allparent 9Antonina (Antonella) Graffagnino 1974  
allparent 9Biago (Gigi) Graffagnino 1976  
allparent 9Emilia Graffagnino 1984  
allparent 7Biagio Graffagnino 14.Dec.1861  
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of birth
date and place of
death or residence

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