The Graffagninis of Contessa Entellina

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Last updated 12.Oct.2008 17:30 ET

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Contributing Family Members
See Family Tree  Van Donovan - Riverside, CA


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11.Oct.2008 New family information has been sent in from the Graffagnini line of descent, by Van Donovan of Riverside, CA.

The Family J line originated in 1828 with the birth of Giuseppe Graffagnini and his subsequent marriage to Giacoma Sciambra in the village of Contessa Entellina, June 2, 1850. Van is the great grandson of Giuseppe Graffagnini and his wife Lorenza Mafaldo (Laura) Scandariato, who emigrated to New Orleans in 1913. The oldest child of Giuseppe and Lorenza, Rosalie "Momo Rosie" Graffagnini San Andres, is Van's grandmother.

For more information on the Graffagnini family - and all descendants of the village of Contessa Entellina, Sicily - visit website:

Special Note: If you visit the Contessa Entellina website, you will notice that most of the individuals documented on this page as "Graffagnini's" are shown there as "Graffagnino's". Although there are many Graffagnino's and Graffagnini's listed on that web site, there is some confusion concerning when and which family members assumed the Graffagnini name. It may have occurred AFTER some family members emigrated to New Orleans. For the time being, and until more definite information becomes available, I am listing all family members born or residing in Contessa Entellina as Graffagninis.

Nav  Family J date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence
allparent 6Giuseppe Graffagnini 4 children 16.Nov.1828 Contessa Entellina a.1887
  di Natale Sciambra e Giovanna AleoGiocoma Sciambra (2.Jun.1850) Contessa Entellina 25.Oct.1830 Bisacquino, Sicily a.1887
allparent 7Rosalia Graffagnini 18.Sep.1851 Contessa Entellina 8.Oct.1854 Contessa Entellina
allparent 7Vincenzo Graffagnini 20.May.1853 Contessa Entellina  
  di Biaggio Bruno e Elizabetta CucciaAntonina Bruno (30 Oct.1880 Contessa Entellina 9.Dec.1856 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 7Natale Graffagnini 7 children 28.Aug.1855 Contessa Entellina Oct.1917 New Orleans, LA
  di Francesco Benoni Manale e Franesca Rosalia DiNapoliMargherita Manale (6 Sep 1884 Contessa Entellina) 6.Sep.1866 Contessa Entellina Aug.1939 New Orleans
allparent 8Giuseppe Graffagnini 18.Jun.1885 Contessa Entellina 3.Jun.1999 New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Francesco Benoni Graffagnini 4.Apr.1887 Contessa Entellina  
  di_?_e_?Cora Marie Livandais c.1887  
allparent 8Giacoma Graffagnini 26.Jan.1889 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Vincenzo Graffagnini 23.Apr.1891 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnini 4 children 26.Aug.1893 Contessa Entellina  
	   _?_e_?Marie (c.1913 New Orleans,LA) c.1896 New Orleans,LA  
allparent 9Margaurite Graffagnini c.1915  
allparent 9William Graffagnini c.1917  
allparent 9Anthony Graffagnini c.1919  
allparent 9Nicholas Graffagnini c.1921  
allparent 8Matteo Graffagnini 15.Jun.1896 New Orleans,LA  
allparent 8Peter Joseph Graffagnini c.1898  
allparent 7Matteo Graffagnini 3.Apr.1858 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 7Gioachino Graffagnini 16.Nov.1860 Contessa Entellina 24.May.1861 Contessa Entellina
allparent 7Gioachino (Jake) Graffagnini 8 children 22.Dec.1862 Contessa Entellina  
  di Francesco Benoni Manale e Franesca Rosalia DiNapoliRosalia (Lilian) Manale (30.Jun.1887 Contessa Entellina) 4.Dec.1869 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Giuseppe (Joseph) Graffagnini 10 children 20.Nov.1888 Contessa Entellina 15.Jan.1968 New Orleans, LA
  di Vincent
	    Scandariato e AdeleLorenza Mafaldo (Laura) Scandariato (28.Nov.1923 Algiers, LA) 9.Sep.1895 Contessa Entellina Mar.1994 New Orleans, LA
allparent 9Rosalia (Momo Rosie) Graffagnini 4 children Contessa Entellina res:Houston,TX
  di_?_e_?Bernare Lemoine    
  di_?_e_?Robert James Donovan   (dec)
  di_?_e_?Virgilio Victor San Andres    
allparent 10Patricia Donovan 3 children 1949 res:Houston,TX
  di_?_e_?Ken Weston   res:Houston,TX
allparent 11Scott Weston 2 children    
allparent 12Ashton Weston    
allparent 12Jewel Weston    
allparent 11Monica Weston 2 children    
  di_?_e_?Scott Vrana    
allparent 12Alec Vrana    
allparent 12Isabella Vrana    
allparent 11Marissa Weston 1 child    
  di_?_e_?Darren Miter    
allparent 12Gralen Miter    
allparent 10Robert James Donovan II 3 children 1952 res:Riverside,CA
  di_?_e_?Shelia (div)    
  di_?_e_?Katie Austin 1952 res:Riverside,CA
allparent 11Dawn Donovan 2 children 1969 res:Jacksonville,FL
  di_?_e_?Carl Jackson   res:Jacksonville,FL
allparent 12Ashley 1984 res:CA
allparent 12Joel Stephen Jackson 2008 res:Jacksonville,FL
allparent 11Robert James Donovan III 1 child 1979 res:Glendale,CA
  di_?_e_?Mandy Woodruff   res:CA
allparent 12Jaden Christopher Donovan 2002 res:CA
allparent 11Van Donovan 1981 res:Riverside,CA
allparent 10Richard Donovan 1953 res:New Orleans,LA
  di_?_e_?May Lam   res:New Orleans,LA
allparent 10Anita Donovan 2 children 1956 res:Houston,TX
  di_?_e_?Tom Flournoy   res:Houston,TX
allparent 11Philip Flournoy   dec.
allparent 11Christina Flournoy2 children   res:Houston,TX
  di_?_e_?Jeremy Williams   res:Houston,TX
allparent 12Vincent Williams   res:Houston,TX
allparent 12Noah Williams   res:Houston,TX
allparent 9Adele Graffagnini    
allparent 9Margarita Graffagnini 11.Aug.1898  
allparent 9Jake Graffagnini    
allparent 9Bertha Graffagnini    
allparent 9Jacqueline Graffagnini    
  di_?_e_?Joseph Patrick Swan    
allparent 9Elvira Graffagnini    
  di_?_e_?Dennis Guidry    
allparent 9Vincent Graffagnini    
allparent 9Laura Graffagnini    
allparent 9Genevieve Graffagnini 17.Jun.1907  
  di_?_e_?Nolan Moran    
allparent 8Giocomina "Gussie" Graffagnini 12.Sep.1893 Contessa Entellina New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Rosalie Graffagnini 9.Sep.1895 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Margherita Graffagnini 11.Aug.1898 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Francesco Benoni Graffagnini 18.Mar.1900 Contessa Entellina c.1900 Contessa Entellina
allparent 8Francesco Benoni Graffagnini 21.Sep.1901 Contessa Entellina Contessa Entellina
allparent 8Caterina Graffagnini 27.Sep.1903 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 8Genevetta Graffagnini 17.Jun.1907 Contessa Entellina  
allparent 7Rosalia Graffagnini 13.Sep.1865 New Orleans

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