The Graffagninos of Salaparuta

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See Family Tree Joel Paul Graffagnino - Kenner, LA
See Family Tree Lee Fiducia Hartmann - St. Augustine, FL
See Family Tree Margaret Avett Picone - Kenner, LA
See Family Tree Margaret Sentenn - New Orleans, LA
See Family Tree Terry Lombard Geubelle - Dallas, TX
See Family Tree Christine Ewy - Palatine, IL
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Christine writes: I've recently discovered your web site, for which I'm grateful. I've also recently returned from Sicily where I, too, met with Father Graffagnino in Salaparuta, whose work was a wonderful find. In looking at our branch, there seem to be some errors, or you have information that doesn't exist in our records, and I'd like very much to know about them. As far as I know, there were only three children of Leonardo Salvaggio and Caterina Graffagnino. I also have a few different dates than are posted.

The only portion of the family tree that I'm focusing on right now is that directly related to my grandfather, Rosario Salvaggio, son of Leonardo Salvaggio and Caterina Graffagnino. The dates I have for Leonardo Salvaggio are 1840-July 8, 1933. He and Caterina were married on february 4, 1877, so the other estimated dates are a bit off as well. This information I obtained from the local office "comune" when I visited Poggioreale in June of this year. The date of death was official, and he was 93, so we're calculating the birth date.

As far as I have known, there were only three children. Of course the others may have been infant deaths, which the rest of the family may not have kept track of over time. The three Salvaggios who we know of, whose direct descendants I visited this summer were: Rosario 1887-1961, Rosa 1890-1978, and Maria 1894-1973. (The dates came from their descendants, except for Rosario, whose my mother and Aunt supplied.) As I look at the difference between the date when their parents were married and the date of the oldest, it makes sense that the other children listed on your web site were born first and died, given the propensity to have children soon after marriage at that time.

I look forward to hearing how this information fits with your other sources.

Christine Ewy, Palatine, Illinois (Originally from New Orleans/Metairie) [see below]


Terry writes: I almost hate to mention this....But we moved....AGAIN! We are back in Dallas, Texas. Can you believe it! ha ha! Mark's company - Resumix was purchased by a Manhattan based company ( They wanted us to relocate to NY. After a lot of job hunting in New Mexico (as we were trying to stay near our families), the passing of my Grandfather (on my Mom's side - Michael Onufer) and my Mom needing to move to North Carolina to take care of my Grandmother - we decided to contact friends in Dallas and see what happens. And soooo we are back here! Mark now works for Lockheed Martin Missles and FireControl in Dallas. [see below]


An update from Margaret Sentenn, whose father passed away recently. [see below]. And some sad news from Joel, whose older brother, Peter, passed away just four days ago. [see below]


A few updates passed to me by Joel Graffagnino from a source in the Giovenco family. [see below].


Sandra Puccio Barscazeski of Wilmington, DE has checked in at the Guest Book. She is the daughter of Marie Graffagnino and Vero Puccio [see below].


Terry Geubelle send greetings and news that daughter and first child, Hannah Cheyenne Elizabeth Geubelle, was born January 10 in Irving, Texas. Terry and husband, Mark, have since moved "back home" to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Terry writes "My life has completely changed...and for the my quality of life has increased 100%." Congratulations from the "extended" family and best wishes to all.

Nav  Family H date and place of birth date and place of death
or residence
allparent 6Antonino Graffagnino 10 children 29.Sep.1818 Salaparuta, Sicily 2.Nov.1897
  6mMaria Cascioli c.1818  
  6mMaria Cangelosi (1843) 1.Jul.1824  
allparent 7Francesco Graffagnino 7 children 18.Feb.1844 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  7mLeonarda Giovinco (21.Jan.1875 USA) c.1854  
allparent 8Maria Graffagnino 10.Dec.1876  
  8mGiacomo Scardino c.1876  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 9.May.1879 Salaparuta, Sicily 1879
allparent 8Desiderata "Tessie" Graffagnino 5 children 4.Jun.1881 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Nov.1949 Brooklyn, NY
  8mMatteo "Matthew" Abruzzo 12.Apr.1879 Santa Margarita, Sicily 6.Jan.1961 Brooklyn, NY
allparent 8Leonarda Graffagnino 3 children 7.Jan.1883 Salaparuta, Sicily 11.Nov.1953 Great Neck, NY
  8mBenedetto Fiducia c.1880 Salaparuta, Sicily 16.May.1933 Brooklyn, NY
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 30.Aug.1885 Salaparuta, Sicily 1886
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 7.Jun.1887 Salaparuta, Sicily 1887
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 1889 Salaparuta, Sicily 1889
allparent 7Leonarda Graffagnino 5 children 31.Jul.1845 Salaparuta, Sicily 25.Mar.1926
  7mFilippo LaBella (30.Apr.1871) 1845 25.Sep.1918
allparent 8Maria LaBella 19.Jul.1874  
allparent 8Vincenza LaBella 13.Dec.1879  
allparent 8Maria LaBella 1880?  
allparent 8Filippo LaBella c.1881  
allparent 8Giuseppa LaBella c.1882  
allparent 7Antonina Graffagnino 7.Mar.1847 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 7Caterina Graffagnino 6 children 16.Feb.1849 Salaparuta, Sicily Poggioreale, Sicily
  7mLeonardo Salvaggio (4.Feb.1877) 1840 8.Jul.1833, Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 8Rosario Salvaggio 1 child 1887 1961, Metairie, LA
allparent 8Antonino Salvaggio c.1888 Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 8Giuseppe Salvaggio c.1889 Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 8Rosa Salvaggio 24.Aug.1890 1978, Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 8Maria Salvaggio c.1892 Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 8Maria Salvaggio 19.Sep.1894 1973, Poggioreale, Sicily
allparent 7Carmela Graffagnino 14.Feb.1850 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 7Gioacchino Graffagnino 6 children 7.Aug.1852 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  7mMaria Beninati (3.Feb.1879) c.1852  
allparent 8Antonino Graffagnino 8 children 25.Mar.1879 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Nov.1943 New Orleans, LA
  8mAntonia "Antoinette" Giovenco (7.Apr.1900 Plaquemine, LA) 11.Nov.1881 Gibellina, Sicily 2.Mar.1966 New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Nicolò Graffagnino 1 child 6.Mar.1884 Salaparuta, Sicily 22.Jul.1963
  8m Maria Graffagnino [see Family I] 14.Aug.1880 Salaparuta, Sicily 14.Jan.1970 New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Maria Graffagnino c.1885  
  8mBonura c.1885  
allparent 8Francesco Graffagnino 1 child 2.Mar.1887  
  8mSarah Palermo [see Family I] 1887 1948
allparent 8Leonarda Graffagnino c.1888  
allparent 8Antonina Graffagnino 9.Jul.1889  
  8mAnthony Tusa c.1885  
allparent 7Vincenzo Graffagnino 26.Mar.1854 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 7Antonina Graffagnino 24.Oct.1858 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  7m Giuseppe Bonanno (1878) c.1858  
allparent 7Carmela Graffagnino 6 children 21.Jun.1861 Salaparuta, Sicily USA
  7mLeonard Nastasi (Salaparuta, Sicily) c.1861 Salaparuta, Sicily USA
allparent 8Catherin Anastas 1 child 18.Aug.1885 Salaparuta, Sicily 21.Oct.1921 Brooklyn, NY
  8mGiuseppe Lombardino (Brooklyn, NY) 16.Jun.1879 Salaparuta, Sicily 5.Dec.1951 Brooklyn, NY
allparent 8Josephine Anastas 6.Jun.1888 Nov.1968 Brooklyn, NY
  8mJames Caronna 1888?  
allparent 8Mary Anastas 1889?  
  8mLouis Caronna 1889?  
allparent 8Eleanor Anastas 1890?  
  8mVictor Caronna 1890?  
allparent 8Thomas Anastas 5.Jan.1901 Dec.1966
  8mLilian Capitano 1901?  
allparent 8Joseph Anastas 1902?  
allparent 7Simone Graffagnino 5 children 17.Jun.1863 Salaparuta, Sicily 1903
  7m Francesca Graffagnino (1886) [see Family I] 20.Nov.1867 Salaparuta, Sicily 19.Jun.1949
allparent 8Maria Graffagnino 4 children 16.Jul.1888 New Orleans, LA 19.Jan.1975 New Orleans, LA
  8mFortunato Mandina c.1888  
allparent 8Angelina Graffagnino Dec.1892 New Orleans, LA 13.Apr.1913 New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Anthony Joseph Graffagnino 2 children 5.Sep.1893 New Orleans, LA 10.Dec.1949 New Orleans, LA
  8mLurline Allaine [1927] c.1907  
allparent 8Leonarda (Lula) Graffagnino 28.Mar.1894 New Orleans, LA 23.Feb.1974 New Orleans, LA
allparent 8Peter Joseph Graffagnino 4 children 21.Apr.1898 New Orleans, LA 23.May.1971 New Orleans, LA
  8mAntonia Bivona 14.Dec.1900 New Orleans, LA 16.Jul.1989 New Orleans, LA

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