The Graffagninos of Salaparuta

Family B

Last updated 22.Aug.2005 18:30 ET

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Contributing Family Members
See Family Tree Joseph G. Graffagnino - Old Bridge, New Jersey
See Family Tree Jack Graffagnino - Lynbrook, NY
See Family Tree Mark Graffagnino - Atlanta, Georgia
See Family Tree David Graffagnino - Lynbrook, New York
See Family Tree Gary Graffagnino - Lindenhurst, New York
See Family Tree Anne Puleo Hoops - Glendale, NY
See Family Tree Sac. Baldassare Graffagnino - Salaparuta, Sicily
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11.Mar.2000 Ann Hoops sends in a few corrections and a couple of new names to add to the Family B tree. [see below].


Jack Graffagnino has added one more Graffagnino to the family with the recent birth of a new grandson, Jack Ryan Graffagnino (16.Oct.1999). A photo of the whole family has been added to the Photo Album, including parents Mark and Lisa. Congrats from the whole family.


And they keep on coming. Jack (see above) reports in with another new grandchild, Rachel Marie, born June 8 to son David and wife Mary. Rachel weighed in at 4 1/2 lbs. Best wishes.

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allparent 6Gioacchino Graffagnino 9 children 7.Oct.1820 Salaparuta, Sicily 6.Dec.1874
  6mMaria Capo (27.Apr.1843) 1818  
  6mGiovanna Sancetta (28.Nov.1853) c.1832  
allparent 7Rosario Graffagnino 3 children 19.Mar.1844  
  7mPaola Oliveri (1.Feb.1874) c.1844  
  7mLuigia LaRocca (14.Aug.1879) 25.Mar.1845 10.Sep.1880
allparent 8Maria Graffagnino 21.Dec.1876 28.Dec.1876
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino 8.Jun.1878 27.Oct.1880
allparent 8Agostino Graffagnino 18.Jul.1880 12.Sep.1881
allparent 7Antonia Graffagnino 17.Jul.1846 3.Feb.1925
  7mGiuseppe Scardino (14.Aug.1879) c.1846 10.Sep.1880
allparent 8Giuseppe Scardino c.1869 23.Aug.1930
allparent 8Gioacchino Scardino 21.Nov.1871  
allparent 8Rosario Scardino c.1872  
allparent 8Antonino Scardino c.1873  
allparent 8Giuseppa Scardino c.1874  
allparent 7Agostino Graffagnino c.1846  
allparent 7Giuseppa Graffagnino 3.Mar.1853 17.Jul.1853
allparent 7Giuseppe Graffagnino 7 children 30.Nov.1854 Salaparuta, Sicily 12.Jan.1895
  7mAntonia Gruppuso (21.Jan.1883) 16.Feb.1856  
allparent 8Giovanna Graffagnino 17.Mar.1884 Salaparuta, Sicily 3.May.1884
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino 22.Sep.1885 12.Aug.1886
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino 7 children 23.Nov.1886 Salaparuta, Sicily 4.Feb.1945
  8mGiuseppa Palermo (11.Sep.1909) c.1886 20.Oct.1918
  8mRosa Lupo (23.Nov.1919) 12.Feb.1888 Salaparuta, Sicily 14.Jun.1988 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 9Giuseppe Graffagnino 9.Aug.1910 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 9Calogero Graffagnino 3 children 30.Mar.1912 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  9mConcetta Bivona (18.Apr.1948) c.1928  
allparent 9Rosario Graffagnino 2 children 2.Jan.1914 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  9mFrancesca Bivona (4.Apr.1951) c.1921  
allparent 9Francesco Graffagnino 1 child 15.Sep.1915 17.Oct.1976
  9mVittoria Cannizaro (6.Jan.1951) c.1921  
allparent 9Gioacchino Graffagnino 1 child 26.Nov.1920 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  9mFrancesca Musmeci (30.Apr.1960) c.1930  
allparent 9Sac. Baldassare Graffagnino photo 1.Jan.1923 Salaparuta, Sicily res: Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 9Antonia Graffagnino 20.May.1924 Salaparuta, Sicily 13.Jun.1926 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 8Giovanna Graffagnino 20.Oct.1888 Salaparuta, Sicily 25.Jul.1889
allparent 8Giuseppe Graffagnino 3 children 20.Nov.1890 Salaparuta, Sicily 4.Sep.1961
  8mLuigia LaRocca (23.Nov.1919) 21.Jul.1890 3.Jun.1972 Salaparuta, Sicily
allparent 9Giuseppe Graffagnino 2 children 27.Nov.1923  
  9mMaria Gotani (30.Apr.1960) c.1923  
allparent 9Saverio Graffagnino 1 child 22.Oct.1928  
  9mLuisa Merighi (10.Oct.1962) c.1928  
allparent 9Gioacchino Antonio Graffagnino 1 child 21.Dec.1930  
  9mGianna Parenti (4.Apr.1967) c.1930  
allparent 8Rosario Graffagnino 5 children 19.Jul.1892 Salaparuta, Sicily 23.Jan.1970
  8mFrancesca LaBella (11.Oct.1921) c.1892  
  8mCaterina Garacci (21.Apr.1934) c.1892  
allparent 9Antonia Graffagnino c.1922  
allparent 9Giuseppe Graffagnino 30.Mar.1935  
allparent 9Antonia Graffagnino 1939 30.Jan.1940
allparent 9Calogero Graffagnino 1941  
allparent 9Antonia Graffagnino 2 children 19.Aug.1943  
  9mFranco Geraci (24.Apr.1974 Palermo) c.1943  
allparent 8Anna Graffagnino 10.May.1895 10.May.1896
allparent 7Maria Graffagnino 6 children 11.Sep.1857 Salaparuta, Sicily  
  7mDomenico Giacalone (29.Nov.1879) c.1857  
allparent 8Giovanna Giacalone c.1880  
allparent 8Gioshè Giacalone c.1881  
allparent 8Antonino Giacalone c.1882  
allparent 8Gioacchino Giacalone c.1883  
allparent 8Vincenzo Giacalone c.1884  
allparent 8Domenico Giacalone c.1885  
allparent 7Gioacchino Graffagnino photo 7 children 26.Sep.1862 Salaparuta, Sicily 6.Sep.1940 USA
  7mTeresa Gruppuso (22.Sep.1883) photo 1864 Salaparuta, Sicily 13.Sep.1933 USA
allparent 8Giovanna Graffagnino c.1884 c.1890 USA
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino c.1885 c.1890 USA
allparent 8Giuseppe Graffagnino c.1886 c.1890 USA
allparent 8Rosario Graffagnino c.1887 c.1890 USA
allparent 8Giovanna "Jennie" Graffagnino photo 2 children 7.Jul.1896 1964 USA
  8mStephen Puleo 10.Sep.1889 Gastellana, Italy 2.Jan.1969
allparent 9Anne Puleo 3 children 17.Sep.1931 Ozone Park, NY res: Glendale, NY
  9mRobert Edward Hoops (18.Oct.1952) 24.Dec.1928 Glendale, NY res: Glendale, NY
allparent 9Teresa Puleo 1 child 27.Jul.1934 USA res: Ozone Park, NY
  9mAnthony Barrucci (4.Feb.1956) 5.May.1933 Ozone Park, NY 21.Feb.1964
allparent 8Gioacchino Graffagnino photo child 23.Nov.1897 Salaparuta, Sicily Oct.1981 Queens, NY
  8mFrances Fiorello 1906 Brooklyn, NY  
allparent 9John Graffagnino 1943 USA  
allparent 8Giuseppe Graffagnino photo child 1900 Salaparuta, Sicily 1960 Queens, NY
  8mJosephine Fiorello photo 1910 res: Queens, NY
allparent 9Jacino "Jack" Graffagnino photo child 11.Nov.1934 USA res: Lynbrook, NY
  9mJanice McKeon photo 10.Dec.1939 res: Lynbrook, NY
allparent 9Roseanne Graffagninochild 1937 USA  
  9mPeter Spengler c.1937  
allparent 9Mathew Graffagninochild 20.Mar.1938 USA res: Lindenhurst, NY
  9mMichelle Marazzi (24.Mar.1968) c.1938 res: Lindenhurst, NY
allparent 9Joseph Gerard Graffagninochild 21.Apr.1947 USA res: Old Bridge, NJ
  9mAmelia Sclafani (Nov.1971) 2.Nov.1951 res: Old Bridge, NJ
allparent 7Francesca Graffagnino 3.Jan.1864 Salaparuta, Sicily  
allparent 7Francesca Graffagnino 17.Mar.1866 Salaparuta, Sicily  
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