Graffagnino Home Movies 1947-1960


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April 1947

00:55 (33.8k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. 01 Bob age 7 mos (in crib), Tupper, Poppa G

September 1947

02:44 (98.5k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. back yard 02 Bob age 1 (toddler in yellow jumper), Jane, Poppa G, Carl

Christmas 1947
March 1948

01:49 (62.5k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. 03 Bob (Xmas in red shorts),
Bob (March back yard blue suit)

March 1948

00:45 (27.0k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. back yard 04 Bob in yellow wagon, Poppa G

March 1948

01:37 (56.3k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. front/back yard 05 Bob playing horseshoes and eating flowers with Poppa G in the back yard

Summer 1948

01:49 (64.3k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. back yard 06 Bob age 1 yr 10 mos with hose watering self, flowers and the ants, Aunts ?

Summer 1948

00:53 (30.3k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. back yard 07 Bob age 1 yr 10 mos, picnic table, Jane, Carl, Poppa G, Aunt ?, Squinch

Summer 1948

00:43 (27.7k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. porch 08 Bob age 1 yr 10 mos, porch, back yard, speech on brick barbecue patio grill, Tupper ?

Summer 1948
Xmas 1948
February 1949

02:24 (87.1k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. patio grill
by the Xmas tree
in the back yard
09 Bob age 1 yr 10 mos, patio grill speech (continued)
Xmas Bob unwraps presents fleet of toy vehicles age 2 yr 3 mos, with Jane
Bob age 2 yr 5 mos, red suit, more horseshoes

February 1949

00:44 (27.0k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr. back yard 10 Bob age 2 yr 5 mos, red suit, Jane, Nanna G, Poppa G, Carl, Nanna D

Christmas 1949

02:36 (94.3k)

Columbus GA, Dixon Dr. 11 Bob age 3 yr 3 mos, Tom in pedal car by Xmas tree age 11 mos

January 1950

01:19 (46.1k)

Columbus GA, Dixon Dr. driveway 12 Tom in crib eats rail age 1 yr, Bob age 3 yr 4 mos in "Tulane 19??" T-shirt rides red tractor

January 1950

02:33 (84.9k)

Columbus GA, Dixon Dr. back yard 13 Bob punting, passing, kickoff practice, Tom in sand box, with Jane age 29 on glider

Spring 1950

00:35 (21.1k)

Columbus GA, Dixon Dr. driveway 14 Bob age 3 yr 7 mos rides red wagon trike, Tom age 1 yr 4 mos

Fall 1953

01:26 (49.4k)

Columbus GA, Lookout Dr. back yard 15 Bob in football outfit age 6, Tom age 4 in baseball outfit, Brother

Fall 1953

01:21 (52.0k)

Columbus GA, Lookout Dr. front porch 16 Bob, Tom, Jane, Brother, Mr. Smith on front entrance

Summer 1954

00:21 (12.2k)

New Orleans LA, City Park riding stable 17 Tom age 3.5 (and Bob?) at horseback riding lesson

Summer 1956

02:19 (77.3k)

New Orleans LA, Fairway Dr back yard 18 Jane and Poppa G demonstrate golf swings, Bob and Tom play catch in the back yard

Fall 1958

00:43 (24.0k)

Columbus GA, Lookout Dr. driveway 19 Peggy next door with watering hose, Bob, Tom in buckskin jackets, in the driveway with Jane, leaving for the lake

Fall 1958

02:04 (69.3k)

Cataula GA, at the Lake 20 Bob, Tom, Jane at the lake house in Cataula, lake partially drained

Summer 1959

00:27 (16.9k)

Dallas TX 21 California trip, changing planes at Dallas-Fort Worth airport

Summer 1959

00:23 (14.9k)

Beverly Hills CA 22 California trip, Ramona, Tom in the pool and on the diving board at the Beverly Hilton

Summer 1959

00:51 (29.9k)

Venice Beach and
Palos Verdes CA
23 California trip, Pacific Ocean Park (open 1958-1967) and
Marineland of the Pacific (open 1954-1987)

Summer 1959

00:32 (19.1k)

Beverly Hills CA 24 California trip, Bob, Tom on the patio at (Dad's 2nd) cousin Joe's house in Coldwater Canyon

Summer 1959

01:03 (36.6k)

Anaheim CA 25 California trip, Disneyland (opened July 1955), Matterhorn, Frontierland, etc

Summer 1959

00:52 (30.7k)

Yosemite Valley CA 26 California trip, Yosemite National Park, El Capitan, Tom, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, etc

Summer 1959

00:23 (14.3k)

Mill Valley CA 27 California trip, Tom, Nanna G, Poppa G at Muir Woods National Monument

Summer 1959

00:35 (20.8k)

Monterrey CA 28 California trip, Tom at Seal Rock, 17-mile Drive, Pebble Beach, Cypress Point

August 1959

00:25 (15.8k)

San Francisco CA 29 California trip, San Juan Capistrano, Tom in Union Square feeding pigeons

August 1959

00:57 (32.1k)

Cumberland KY 30 Bob, Tom, Jane at Cumberland Falls

August 1959

01:23 (48.6k)

Union WV, Walnut Grove 31 Nancy with dogs, Ed, Melinda, Kit, Bob, Tom, at the sheep barn

August 1959

8:05 (279.4k)

Chicago IL, Arlington Park
Lexington KY, Goodwin farm
32 2 Arlington Park races, Olympic Hdcp (Noureddin?) Trainer (JHP Jr) on horseback harasses Tom in stable area
Bob and Tom at Goodwin farm - with horses, and peacocks

August 1959

3:18 (114.5k)

Lexington KY(?) race track and stable
Walnut Grove, Union WV
33 Race track workouts and stable area, persons, horses unknown
Ed W, Jane, Bob, Poppa G, Tom, Dad, trainer, horses, foal unknown

December 1959

01:32 (52.5k)

New Orleans LA, Bancroft Dr. 34 Betty Lou, Paul, Tom, Bob, Jane, Nanna G, unknown puppy, ?, ?

January 1960

00:19 (11.3k)

Columbus GA, Lookout Dr. 35 Bob age 13 yrs, in the driveway with Bill Dog, Rex, Brother

January 1960

03:02 (107.2k)

Opelika AL(?), Dove-Quail shoot 36 Tom, Peggy, Bonny (playing with matches), Jane, Graff, Bob, Bill Dog, Bill and several unknown parties

Summer 1960

02:48 (96.9k)

Columbus, GA, Columbus Country Club 37 CCC Jr. Golf Championship, Bob, Tom and competitors on the links and at the trophy table

Summer 1960

03:35 (125.0k)

Columbus, GA, Columbus Country Club 38 LPGA Golf Tourney with Ruth Jessen, Marlene Hagge, Gloria Fecht, and others

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