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This web site has been created for two purposes: 1) to contain as complete a genealogical history of the Graffagnino family as possible, from it's genealogical paternal source, Don Alerio Graffagnino (see Notes), who was born in 1655 in Salaparuta, Sicily; and 2) to portray to the viewer/reader some impression of the comune of Salaparuta, Sicily, where the Graffagnino family originated, and of the events which have formed the history of Salaparuta - in particular the devastating earthquake of January, 1968, which reduced the village to rubble [see photo pages].

All of the genealogical information currently available about individuals who are past and present residents of Salaparuta has been collected and preserved, and is in the hands of its keeper, Father Baldassare Graffagnino, residing today in Salaparuta.  The complete albero is being transferred to a few interested parties in the U.S.  We will be continually interpreting the information and assembling it into a presentable form for distribution to interested family members (and for online publication).

In the United States we are attempting to collect genealogical data from as many Graffagnino families as can be contacted.  If you are a Graffagnino, or are directly descended from a Graffagnino ancestor, and you have genealogical information about your family tree that you would like to contribute to our efforts, please contact us (see e-mail information below).

We assume that we will eventually be able to tie all of the Graffagnino branches in the U.S. - as well as in Europe and in other parts of the world - back to a common genealogical source in Salaparuta.  Most likely we are all cousins, we just want to document the facts and to share that information with everyone.

We have collected and presented a few stories and vignettes about family members who are no longer with us - you know, those colorful stories that usually are passed orally from generation to generation.  A web page (see Notes) has been created to contain some of these interesting stories, as well as some incidental biographical information about a few of the Graffagninos represented in the genealogical charts.  I will be adding photos of the individuals involved - as they become available.

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Various family members emigrated from Sicily to the U.S. in the late 19th century through New York and New Orleans ports of entry, settling primarily in those locations.  Today family members are located throughout the U.S., including Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, California, Ohio, Vermont, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Nevada, Tennessee, and more...

The following family trees have been assembled, containing the genealogical information which we have collected to date. More names are continually being added. If you are descended from a Graffagnino, we are most eager to hear from you, and will be happy to include your genealogical information in one of our charts on our website. Genealogy work is never done!




Family A
Don Alerio Graffagnino (born 1655)
Contains Generations 1-6
(see Family Tree)


Sac. Baldassare Graffagnino - Salaparuta, Sicily
Robert Graffagnino - Columbus, OH
Joel Graffagnino - Kenner, LA

Family B
Gioacchino Graffagnino (born 1820)
(see Family Tree)


Joseph G. Graffagnino - Old Bridge, NJ
Jacino "Jack" Graffagnino - Lynbrook, NY
Mark Graffagnino - Atlanta, GA
David Graffagnino - Lynbrook, NY
Gary Graffagnino - Lindenhurst, NY
Anne Puleo Hoops - Glendale, NY

Family C
Pietro Graffagnino (born 1837)
(see Family Tree)


Joseph A. Graffagnino - Brooklyn, NY
Joseph T. Graffagnino - Wayne, NJ
Paul Graffagnino - Costa Mesa, CA
Anthony Santare - Alameda, CA
Pauline Bail - Chicopee, MA
Stephanie Gallagher - New Windsor, NY
Rosemarie Bevinetto - Brooklyn, NY
Cathy Graffagnino Sia - Costa Mesa, CA
Floriana Graffagnino - Italia
Andrew Graffagnino - NY

Family D
Stefano Graffagnino (born 1824)
(see Family Tree)


Peter Graffagnino - Baldwin, NY

Family E
Gioacchino Graffagnino (born 1815)
(see Family Tree)


Eric Graffagnino - Monréal, Quebec, Canada
François Graffagnino - Paris, France
Sauveur Graffagnino - Nice, France
Fabrice Graffagnino - Nice, France
Veronique Poinsot Pereira
- La Rochette, France
Virginia Gerace Benoist - Baton Rouge, LA

Family F
Gioacchino Graffagnino (born 1821)
(see Family Tree)


Joseph A. Graffagnino - Port Neches, TX
Rose Ann Graffagnino Quebedeaux - Port Neches, TX
Mary Quebedeaux-Marioneaux - Port Neches, TX
Jason Graffagnino - Alvarado, TX
Josie Graffagnino - Houston, TX
Valerie Chatelain-LaCroix - Port Neches, TX
Jude Graffagnino - Patterson, LA
Trisha Major - Houston, TX

Family G
Gioacchino Graffagnini (born 1817)
(see Family Tree)


Angie Radosti-Orellana - Metairie, LA
Massimiliano Lorenzetti - Roma, IT
Leonard Sperandeo - Fair Oaks, CA
Mario Sperandeo - Pearl River, LA
Jean Graffagnini - Madison, AL
Tracy Lynne Graffagnini - New Orleans, LA
Carmen Louise Raziano - New Orleans, LA

Family H
Antonino Graffagnino (born 1818)
(see Family Tree)


Joel Paul Graffagnino - Kenner, LA
Terry Geubelle - Dallas, TX
Margaret Picone - Kenner, LA
Margaret Sentenn - New Orleans, LA
Christine Ewy - Palatine, IL

Family I
Pietro Graffagnino (born 1837)
(see Family Tree)


Robert D. Graffagnino - Columbus, OH
Dr. P. Ned Graffagnino - Napa, CA
Barbara Bennett Wedemeyer - New Orleans, LA
Joe and Natalie Michel - Victoria, TX
James F. Hitzman, Jr. - Laredo, TX

Family J
Giuseppe Graffagnini (born 1828)
(see Family Tree)


Van Donovan - Riverside, CA

Family K
Antonino Graffagnino (born 1837)
(see Family Tree)


Vito Graffagnino - Bristol UK
Benito Graffagnino - Bristol UK

Emma Graffagnino - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Emilia Graffagnino - Sciacca, Sicilia

Family L
Felicia Graffagnino (born 1831)
(see Family Tree)


Megan Lapari - Baton Rouge, LA
Lucien Lipari - Opelousas, LA

Family M
Caterina Maria Graffagnino (born 1809)
(see Family Tree)


Elana Rose - Chicago, IL

Family N
Gioacchino Graffagnino (born 1813)
(see Family Tree)


Carol Milazzo - San Jose, CA

Family X
Miscellaneous Descendants
of Generation Six
(see Family Trees)


Sac. Baldassare Graffagnino - Salaparuta, Sicily

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If you are interested in contributing to this collection and becoming part of the effort to reconnect the family, please contact:

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