Traveling Man

Jim Rhea, Surgeon-Pediatrician (as he was designated by Sports Illustrated in the article on the all-male cook-out'), is about the travelingest president our county society has ever had. Jim's other profession, contest-entering, keeps him almost as busy as his pediatrics, and just within the past eighteen months has rewarded him with two trips to Hawaii, one to Nassau and one to Mexico City, along with a growing accumulation of contest prizes that range from station wagons to highball glasses.

For the third year now Jim has been working hard on a tobacco company's "name-the-horse" contest. Before long we should be hearing of his next trip-to Kentucky and the Derby to receive the prize filly or colt. We feel sure that he will be able to add thoroughbred racing to his already full schedule of activities without any difficulty.

(c) The Doctor's Lounge, Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Bulletin, Vol XX, No. 1, 1962, p20

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