Requiem for Fluoridation?

Not to be classed in importance with the Dead Sea Scrolls, recent archeological excavations along the Chattahoochee Basin have turned up the following poem inscribed on tablets of red clay. It has been attributed to the ancient heathen, Ibid (half-brother to Idem, out of Anon):

Enough! Enough!

Let halls no more reverberate
With passioned pleas to fluoridate;
Let oracles no more proclaim
Nor infidels aloud defame.

Let caries reign in foul putrescence,
Leave teeth in pain unto senescence;
No brittle bones of ours will break,
No palsied limbs with ague shake.

With pious mien, let us be liable
To admonitions from the Bible.
Our goblets high, and let them fill
With virgin essence of God's Will.

Never, never shall we trade it,
Shining, sweet-just as He made it;
Sparkling, clear, and free of fluorine,
Unpoisoined, pure - except for chlorine.

(c) The Doctor's Lounge, Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Bulletin, Vol XX, No. 1, 1963, p20

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