No Visitors

Veteran Nannie Bales, in charge of nursing on the OB floor at Medical Center, has been worried lately about the increasing problem of adolescent mothers and the maternity floor visiting rules. Since children under sixteen are not permitted to visit on the OB floor, some o£ the 13- to15-year old mothers have occasionally had difficulty getting their similarly aged husbands and friends on the floor as visitors.

While we are on the subject of junior high and high school mothers, we wonder why the advanced educationists in charge of our school system, who give credits toward graduation for such essential subjects as home economics, band, physical education, choral singing and the like, might not be able to give at least one semester credit in biology to some of these more successful precocious students.

(c) The Doctor's Lounge, Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Bulletin, Vol XX, No. 1, 1962, p20

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