More Fluoridation

It will be interesting to see what disposition of the fluoridation question city officials will make this month. The curious thing to us about the whole problem is that in the minds of many it has assumed an importance out of proportion to that which it deserves.

Basically here is a sound public health measure, adequately proven, time-tested and safe. Alarmists to the contrary, there is no scientific evidence to substantiate claims that fluoridation is dangerous, or that there are any significant, immediate, hidden, or cumulative ill effects that result from a fluoridated water supply.

These same vociferous opponents of fluoridation, who set themselves up as authorities in the face of overwhelming advice from trained and capable investigators in medical, dental and public health fields, are juvenile enough and non-thinking enough to see no contradiction or inconsistency in the fact that they have submitted, and are submitting, each day of their lives to health control measures far more restrictive and "socialistic" than this proposal to improve the teeth of children.

Many of these rugged individualists and defenders of freedom are alive and healthy enough to complain today only because official governmental health agencies long ago instituted such compulsory measures as vaccination, pasteurization of milk, chlorination and purification of public water supply, government inspection of meats and foodstuffs, and enforcement of public sanitation and sewage disposal regulations. The doom-criers of today are merely pale imitations of their equally misanthropic forebears, who harangued against vaccination and pasteurization in the past; their obtuseness, on the other hand, is greater, in that, in those earlier, comparatively unscientific days, there was at least some excuse for ignorance.

It is truly amazing that over such a minor problem as the improvement of dental health, there has actually developed an anti-fluoridation organization that maintains a national headquarters and office in Washington, from which it sends out reams of printed material to local zealots for use as ammunition in the fight against fluoridation. It makes one wonder whether some of our self-appointed guardians, and our misguided intellectuals, who find themselves associated with the crack-pots, fringe-healers and rabble-rousers shouting poison and communism, are not themselves the dupes and victims of a nebulous organization dedicated to the impairment of progress and the creation of controversy and discontent.

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, "The Doctor's Lounge", Jan 1963, Vol. X No.1, p.11

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