One of the wild tales of the past month was the comedy of errors that awakened George Conner at midnight recently. Some of the facts, more or less in chronological order: professional stick-up man approaches teenagers in bus station asking help in a planned robbery; boys run, call policeman, return to station and point out would-be robber; robber flees; policeman jumps on back of commandeered truck, gives pursuit, exchanging pistol shots; lawman yells "Halt" to criminal; truck driver obeys halt order, stops truck suddenly; lawman falls off back end, knocks head on pavement; robber takes advantage of opportunity, commandeers truck himself at gunpoint; discovers he has bullet wound of chest, tells driver to take him to doctor; only doctor truck driver knows is Geo. Conner; heads for George's home on Hilton Ave.; gunman and driver pound on George's door, awaken George; Conner sees gun, takes stock of situation, not about to open door; tells driver to take man to emergency room; driver drags weakened gunman back to truck, heads for Medical Center; original lawman in emergency room having bumped head checked; driver brings in helpless gunman, now in shock; law prevails, gunman captured in emergency room; gunman to surgery; Conner home asleep; truck driver faints.

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, "The Doctor's Lounge", Mar 1962, Vol. IX No.3, p.13

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