Good Move

The result of the recent gubernatorial election indicated that the majority of people in this state are against blatant dishonesty, even in politicians. While no one can be sure how a Sanders administration will turn out, the voters at least were willing to gamble on a relatively unknown quantity, rather than return to office an administration whose previous record was at best unsavory.

We have never liked the catch phrases "move ahead" or "move forward" used so frequently by Mr. Kennedy's speechwriters, and employed so glibly by both sides in the recent state campaign. There are times when it is wiser to move backward toward some of those basic values of ethics and morality outlined long ago in a series of ten biblical commandments. Now would be as good a time as any for politicians to start.

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, "The Doctor's Lounge", Oct 1962, Vol. IX No.10, p.13

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