Editorial Anniversary

Ten years ago on January 7, 1954, under the able editorship of Jack Davidson and a staff of four associates, Volume I, Number 1 of the Muscogee County Medical Society Bulletin made its debut. It had been brought into reality through four factors which were listed in the initial editorial as (1) financial assistance from the advertisers, (2) articles, case reports, and news supplied by society members, (3) some nerve-wracking planning and correspondence by an indispensable managing editor; and (4) the cooperation of the printer.

The first Bulletin aspired to provide a channel for the exchange of medical thought on a local level. It hoped to have such regular monthly features as an events calendar, personal news, staff reports, auxiliary news, and society business. It dreamed, with added experience, of hobby articles, guest writers, and artwork.

In the ten years past, with the continued support of advertisers and printer, nearly all the aspirations, hopes, and dreams of the first Bulletin staff have been realized in its pages. Although its direction has been ever changing according to the whims of its editor of the moment, and although few of its features appear with monthly regularity, the Bulletin survives in a state of comparative good health.

The one constant during all of the years has been its conscientious and tireless managing editor, Mrs. Barbara Walden, who has faithfully gathered up the loose ends, prodded advertisers, printers, and editors, and set the wheels in motion on each of the one hundred and twenty issues to-date. The Bulletin is part of her family, and from infancy through childhood to now almost adolescence, she has mothered it with steady devotion.

The first editors knew indispensability when they saw it. And so do we.

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, Editorial, Jan 1964, Vol. XI No.1, p.7

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