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All those doctors, dentists, public health officials and other communistic and socialistically inclined folks, who have been pushing so long for fluoridation of public water supplies, seem to he inching closer to their goal here in Georgia.

Within recent months the state Legislature has cleared away some obstacles and given community water boards the go-ahead on instituting fluoridation. Already Atlanta and Augusta are in the process of bringing this about.

Six years ago the Bulletin interviewed the loquacious Mrs. Feeney on the subject of fluoridation, and five years ago, after another article or two, we printed a poem entitled Requiem for Fluoridation? on these pages.

To refresh your memory we are reprinting it below and, following it, a letter received last month from Dr. Philip Zanfagna of Lawrence, Massachusetts, who serves on the editorial board of the anti-fluoridation, National Fluoridation News.

Requiem for Fluoridation?

Enough! Enough!
Let halls no more reverberate
With passioned pleas to fluoridate.
Let oracles no more proclaim
Nor infidels aloud defame.
Let caries reign in foul putrescence;
Leave teeth in pain at senescence.
No brittle bones of ours will break
No palsied limbs with ague shake.
With pious mien, let us be liable
To admonitions from the Bible.
Our goblets high, and let them fill
With virgin essence of God's will.
Never, never shall we trade it,
Shining, sweet - just as He made it;
Sparkling, clear, and free of fluorine,
Unpoisoned, pure - except for chlorine.

November 10, 1968

Dear Dr. Graffagnino:

Mrs. LeRoy Barren sent me a copy of your poem "Requiem for Flouridation." This is the most eloquent poem I have seen written on this subject. Congratulations!

I should like to have your permission to publish this psalm in our National Fluoridation News which is circulated throughout the world.

I have been opposing this experiment for the past 15 years with success until recently when our Legislature through political pressure passed the compulsory fluoridation law. However we are seeking a court injunction on its enactment until the people can vote on the issue in 1970. This we can do by petition.

My sincerest thanks and appreciation for your contribution.

Sincerely yours,
Philip E. Zanfagna, M. D.
Lawrence, Massachusetts

* Permission was granted.

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, "The Doctor's Lounge", Jan 1969, Vol. XVI No.1, p.9

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