Advice to Landlords

Dr. Mary Tiller at the Public Health Department tells us she received a frantic phone call from a worried landlady recently. The lady, owner of an apartment building, had discovered that a tenant couple who recently moved out of one of the apartments had syphilis. She wanted to know how to go about fumigating and decontaminating the apartment to make it safe again for habitation.

Dr. Tiller's advice that an ordinary good housecleaning was all that was necessary did not quiet the lady's fears. She had a hundred other questions. She wanted more assurance, more positive action. She was afraid also for her other tenants, some of whom had gotten wind of the situation.

"They are all asking me questions," moaned the landlady. "What can I tell them about it?"

Dr. Mary Tiller couldn't resist the temptation. "Tell them," she said, "that as long as they didn't kiss them or go to bed with them, they have nothing to worry about."

(c) The Bulletin of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Medical Society, "The Doctor's Lounge", Jun 1964, Vol.XI No.6, p.21

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